Chapter 13

My head hurt so bad! I carefully rolled over again making the first move in the sitting up process,

A little, rough, wet tongue licked my chin.  I focused my half-opened eyes.

Stella, my mostly black Maine coon cat was up as well.  Up and sitting so close to my face that I could smell her fishy little breath.  Someone had already had breakfast this morning.

Stella was a little over a  year old.  After mom died and before Abby moved in, the house felt too empty.  So, I took the advice of my well-meaning friends and went to the animal shelter to get a rescue dog.  No $1,500 AKC pup for me.

I had great plans for that dog and me.  We would run together every morning.  I would eat a healthy breakfast…no more Mickey D’s breakfast bombs eaten while driving to work.

And then “Fido” (my as yet unnamed dog) and I would run miles together and she would become by best furry friend.

So, last year on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I went to the Minneapolis Animal Humane Society.  It was a very busy place.  A lot of parents with lots of regrets at having bought a pet for their kid at Christmas.

I guess when two people work, it’s hard to raise a loving and well-behaved pet and keep it from destroying the gorgeous house that only two incomes could afford.

End result was a trip to the Humane Society with very little regrets now at giving said pet up.  Hey.  My gain.

So.  It was busy and I had to wait.  The incoming/receiving  area was packed so the adoption people were helping them out.  I was okay with that.

I was day dreaming of Spring and me and my furry friend walking around Lake Nokomis together.  No matter how I pleaded, I could never persuade either Abby or Hanah to walk with me on a regular basis.  I hated walking alone.  Someone was always trying to talk to me.