Chapter 15


Nope.   The voice was my voice and I can assure you that I am not crazy.

I just have this nutty habit of giving a voice to objects that could not otherwise speak if I did not do it for them.  Mostly animals.  I do not speak for the refrigerator.

When I was a little girl, every one of my dolls and stuffed animals had a separate personality and a different voice.  My mom started this whole crazy thing after I had been sick for a couple of weeks and the whole staying in bed thing was getting really old.

She was always trying to find different ways to make me feel better.  This qualified.

One gloomy, Winter day she came into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed.  She pulled one of my brother’s white socks out of her apron pocket and put it over her hand.  And then she made it talk to me.  A puppet with no eyes, no mouth, no ears no hair.  Just a white sock.  Over her hand.  I loved it.

The sock’s name was “Tudy” as in “Judy” and she lived next door to us.  She was constantly getting into trouble and hardly ever went to school which is why she was always there when I was sick.

Both me and my mom would talk to her and Tudy talked back to us.  She was a polite little girl but always in trouble for one reason or another. She always had quite a tale to tell.

And this was the start of me talking for inanimate objects.

It drives Abby nuts.  So of course I do it whenever and wherever I can.  Hanah could care less.

So here I am, talking to and for some kind of animal in a carrier at the animal shelter.  But very, very softly.

I looked around and bent down to the carrier.

“Where is your owner?”  I whispered to the carrier.  I figured a soft, pleasant voice would make it feel better so I tried to speak softly and pleasantly.