Chapter 16

I put the forms down and kneeled in front of the carrier and peered inside.  It was blackish.  But it didn’t move.  I bravely and possibly foolishly put my forefinger in one of the narrow openings as a sign of friendliness.  I was also hoping that whatever animal was in there was not rabid.

One little lick.  The tongue was small and rough so I guessed it might be a cat.  It was not a lizard.  I was pretty sure it was not a lizard.

I got up from kneeling, picked up my papers and sat back down on the bench.  I had to finish the application but now my reporter instincts were starting to kick in.  Who?  What?  Where?  When?

I put my application down on the other side of me and looked around the carrier for a lock or a catch.  There was one in the front but I didn’t want to completely open the carrier.

Visions of children screaming and parents swearing floated briefly before me as I envisioned an “unknown” animal running wildly around the room.  No.  That would not be good.

But there was a zipper on the top and I unzipped it just a tiny bit.

Quick as a wink a small, black cat’s head poked out and meowed.

It looked right at me and smiled.  I swear to God.  Honest. It looked just like a smile.  And I smiled back and patted the head with my finger.  This was just a teeny kitten!

“Are you dying?” I whispered to the kitten.

“You better not be because I am not up to dying animals right now.”

I looked intently at the two yellow eyes.  They looked right back at me.

“What do you think?”

“I think you look pretty good!”  I said in a cheerful voice.

I had absolutely no idea at all.