Chapter 17

Then I spotted an envelope on the bench on the other side of the carrier.  I reached for it and opened it without even thinking once.

Hey.  I was in this.  Whatever this was.

“Her name is Stella.  I adopted her from this place two weeks ago.  I did not know I  was severely allergic to cat hair until after I got her home.  I think she’s pretty smart.  She has been to a vet and she is completely healthy and has had all her shots.

“She is litter box trained already and she is very loving.  I am truly sorry.  And I am very sad.  Please give her back for me.  It’s too hard for me to do.  Thank you for your trouble.”

And there were two brand-new $100 bills inside the envelope.

“Holy Crap!” I exclaimed and looked at Stella.

“What?  What?  Am I dying?” asked Stella, ever so quietly.

“No, you’re fine.  Let me read this again.”  I patted her head as I re-read the note.

This must have been his plan all along.  Come to the shelter on a Saturday when they’re busy and just leave the carrier and the note next to someone who looks like a helpful person.

People have always told me I look very helpful.

Well.  Now I had a situation.  I was pretty sure that this kitten would never want to jog with me around Lake Nokomis every morning…or, let’s face it, ever.

I was also pretty sure that this kitten, now officially named “Stella”, was not going to be brought up to the desk and returned.

I looked around and everyone was busy doing their own thing.  Even my previous exclamation of surprise had not jolted them.  Perfect.  I too will do my own thing.

I gently pushed Stella’s little head back into the carrier, zipped it closed, tucked the note and the money in my purse and picked up the carrier and headed for the exit tossing the unfinished application in the trash bin by the door.

Well.  That was easy, I thought.  I didn’t even have to sign any papers  Plus, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that having a cat for a pet was much easier than having a dog.

“Welcome to our life, Stella.”  I said happily and pushed open the door.

“I think I’m cold.” said Stella.  “And really hungry.”