Chapter 18

So that was how Stella became part of my life.  And not so incidentally, how I was able to get a haircut, a manicure and a pedicure that week instead of having to wait until next month’s paycheck.  I also gave $20 to the Minneapolis Humane Society.  I am a nice person.

Stella licked my chin again.

“Hello my furry little friend.  I have a very bad headache this morning.”

“I waited up till all hours…maybe even till 9:00 to see if you would drag yourself home alive,” complained Stella in her best teeny complaining voice.

“9:00.  Wow!  Considering I left to meet Hanah at 8:30, it seems as though you didn’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about me.”

“It was quality time.”

Even though I had turned my cell phone to vibrate-only, I could now hear it moving on my nightstand.

I slowly reached for my glasses, settled them on my nose and looked at Stella who was still about one inch from my face.

She purred and licked me again.  Love?  Or leftover egg I missed with the wash cloth last night.

“Moving.”  I whispered to Stella.  And then carefully rose up on one elbow and grabbed my phone.

It was Abby, the cinnamon-roll getter.

“Why are you calling me?  Didn’t you just leave?  Is your battery dead?  Did you have an accident?”  I quickly shot questions by her not waiting for an answer that I was sure I wouldn’t like.  I ended with a terse, “What the hell do you want anyway?”

“I.  Am.  Fine.”  Abby said coldly and a little too loudly for my tender state this morning.

“They only have one chocolate filled eclair which I know is your favorite but since I am the one who has ventured out on this freezing day, I am getting it for me.  What do you want?  They are also completely out of cinnamon rolls.”

“Fine. A Caramel roll with cream cheese frosting will do.  And some of those mini donuts.”  I thanked her profusely and switched my phone completely off and then tossed it to the bottom of my bed.

“Abby?”  Stella questioned, her little black nose now up in the air as if searching for some faraway scent of goodness.  “Caramel rolls?  I love Abby.”

She jumped down and swished her way out of my very cozy bedroom, heading down the hall and into the bathroom and soon I heard the scratching of litter.

Stella was beginning her day.  It was time for me to do so as well.  Perhaps.  We’ll see how it goes.