Chapter 19

I sat up completely and put my feet on the wood floor.   To my delight, Abby had remembered to turn the heat up!  Remarkably she only gets this right about 4 out of 7 days.

You would think that after living in the frigid state of Minnesota for her entire life, Abby would naturally and even unconsciously realize the importance of heat when the outside temperature is struggling to reach -15 below zero…which was the forecaset high for today.

But Abby, like me, had spent her entire life in the comfort of her parent’s house and was not accustomed to the inner-workings of a wildly complicated heating/cooling system…as in…turn the heat on in the morning when it is cold and turn the air conditioning on when it is hot.

But…today the floor was toasty warm and I was hapy.

I stood up.  So far so good.  I turned slowly and glanced at myself in my full-length mirror.  I had hung that mirror when I realized at age 12 I didn’t want to look like a boy any more.

Stella wandered back from the bathroom and sat down next to me.

“Even with the waviness of the mirror, I don’t look too bad for a completely hungover 24-year-old,” I said optimistically to myself and to Stella who with her head cocked to the side seemed to be judging me.  She would.

I smiled down at her and then fluffed my short, brown hair, pulled my little side-burns in front of my just a bit too large ears and patted down my always errant bangs which would never stay straight.

I patted my cheeks to add some natural color and moved a little closer to the mirror.  Bloodshot eyes.  For sure.  Sigh.

“Well, Stella, not completely awful anyway.  But, I think I should buy a new mirror.”

“Does drinking alcohol age a person?”