Chapter 20

And with that little comment on my lifestyle, Stella was out the bedroom door, gone in search of breakfast #2 or possibly #3.  Abby is in charge of Stella’s meals.  I am in charge of Stella’s “after” meals.

Abby often forgot if she fed Stella so she just fed her again and quite amazingly, Stella continued to look like a teeny 6-month old kitten.

“Only dogs will eat more than they should,” Abby informed me one day as I commented on her opening a third can of Mighty Maus cat food for Stella’s morning meal.  “Cats know better and will space their food out.”

Stella spaced her food out all right.  As much as she could get whenever she wanted.

Since I had today off, I had no firm plans except to try to recover from last night.  And maybe think about where Hanah and I should go tonight.  I chuckled.  That was a no-brainer.  We always went to Doyle’s on Saturday night.    It was “amateur night”.

For the first hour they encouraged and even welcomed members of the early bird audience to come up on stage and sing with the band.

They gave you the words and let you sing your little heart out.  This was the real thing with a live mike and hopefully a real voice.

Hanah faithfully put her name in the wicker basket they had sitting on the tables for hopeful participants.  She had yet to be chosen.  Even after 2 years.  Personally. I think it’s fixed, but then I have heard Hanah sing.

“I don’t understand,” she would wail.  “I’m not even drunk!”

“I know.  I know.”  I was very sympathetic.  “Maybe next week.”  I patted her shoulder.

I was positive that someone from the band had somehow heard Hanah singing somewhere and decided that she was not going to ever appear on stage.

To be brutally honest, Hanah’s voice wasn’t very good.  It was in fact, horrible.  But it was the only thing about Hanah that wasn’t perfect.