Chapter 22

My house was built in the 1940’s by my grandfather in the south Minneapolis Hawthorne neighborhood…it was super old but mom had always made necessary renovations.

Abby and I both walked to school everyday from kindergarten to graduation from Hamilton High School.  It was a great neighborhood with lots of little shops and restaurants that somehow had not been swept away by the larger chain stores.  We even had a small movie theater…the original.

Mom and dad had bought the house when they first got married, had me and never moved.  I didn’t see me moving for quite a while either.

I know when Abby and her fiance Ralph get married they will probably want to move into a place of their own.  Ralph Cooper and Abby Jones had been dating since 9th grade.  He was a fledgling lawyer and right now working day and night to pay off college loans.  I’m thinking marriage is about 2 years away.

My front door opened into a 4-season porch and if you turn right and open another door you are in the living room.  Straight ahead is the dining room with a swinging door that leads to the kitchen with a nook that over looks the back yard.  It’s a style that people are again finding desirable.  I think the “open concept” is wearing thin.

Two bedrooms and a bath run parallel to the living room/dining room separated  by a hall.

Upstairs there are two large rooms and a full bath.  I used to play up there when I was a kid.  It was like having my own little world.

It was a perfect place with potential for a private back staircase…hint to Abby and Ralph…I would charge very little rent.

I very slowly stood again, took a couple of steps and decided I wasn’t going to die after all.  At least not today.

I slipped on my favorite fuzzy bathrobe which was so soft and warm it was like putting on a cashmere blanket.  I paid a fortune for it but it was worth it.  I stuffed my feet into slippers and headed to the kitchen in hopes that Abby had left me some coffee.

After a quick trip to the bathroom I headed towards the kitchen.  Then I remembered I had forgotten my little notebook.  I turned and trudged back into my bedroom, picked it up and shoved it in my pocket.