Chapter 23

It had become a ritual for me to read to Abby any notes I had taken during my bar hopping adventures the previous night.  This way she could vicariously enjoy ‘clubbing’ thru my single state while still being faithful and loyal to Ralph.

With a little luck, the jottings of the night before weren’t too ridiculous.  I just hoped I could actually read them.  I had a lot to drink last night.

I walked into the kitchen and the wondrous aroma of fresh brewed coffee made me  feel less dead.

Abby was unpacking two white bags of wonderfully smelling goodies  from Jack’s and Stella was already sitting at her eating spot on the breakfast nook table.  There was a squirrel racing along the railing of our back porch but right now Stella could care less.  Food was too near her little nose and mouth.

When not eating, Stella would sit nearer the back of the table so she could look out at the squirrels running around the three oak trees that my dad had planted the first year he and my mom had bought the house.

It was kind of cute the way Stella’s tongue would hang out when she was about to eat something really special…like breakfast or lunch or dinner or whenever.

“I just love you so much Abby,” Stella moaned.

“Honestly, Charlie, that cat seems almost human at times when you talk for her.  I could swear she was actually saying something with those meows of hers.”  Abby said.

I laughed.  For the past three or four months Stella had started to “meow” whenever I  would ‘talk’ for her.  It was kind of eerie.

I looked over at the almost drooling Stella.  I made an attempt to push her little black tongue back into her mouth.  I wonder how rare it is to have a black cat with a black tongue.

“Yeah.  She’s really something, that’s for sure, ” I said and put a caramel roll on my plate and a tiny little piece on Stella’s plate.

Yes.  My cat has her own plate and she sits on the table in her own spot.  It just happened to start out that way when she was a kitten.  Back then it was just me and Stella and I never had the heart to move her down to her regular dishes on the floor.

Abby sat down and put a larger piece of roll on the now empty plate in front of Stella.  Another small moan from Stella.

“So,” said Abby, anything catch your fancy last night?”  She pointed to the notebook I had placed on the table.

“It was an interesting night, that’s for sure.  I think that I was part of the ‘interesting part’ towards the end so I stopped taking notes.”