Chapter 33

Damnation!  Whose voice was that?  And Holy Crap!  He used my real name!  I have to call Hanah right now….or…maybe in an hour or so when I’m sure she will be up and in an agreeable mood to talk and maybe…alone.

Stella peeked her head out from under the covers.

“You look so cute under there.”  I said.  “I bet it’s really cozy.”

In the winter, Stella often burrowed under the covers on my bed and just poked her nose and ears out from underneath.  And…yes…I have several photos to prove it.  And…no…I was not a “crazy cat lady”.  I was pretty sure of that…at least not yet.

I started to move the covers so I could slide in next to Stella.  I kicked off my fuzzy slippers and carefully crawled in.

“Hey!  Don’t squish me!” said Stella.  And then she immediately closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Before my head hit the pillow, I looked one more time at that beautiful yellow rose.

And then to my complete surprise, tears welled in my eyes.  Hey!  What is this all about?  I usually don’t go down the teary,  self-pity road. I was more the “drown your sorrows in booze” type…and, thankfully, only once a year. Bu today I felt really, really alone.

“Me.  You have me, you know.” said Stella…who was actually not sleeping at all, but quietly listening to me…just like she always did.  She nuzzled a little closer to me.

“Indeed.  Oh, indeed.” I said and rolled over and meant to give some careful thought to all that was going on or not going on in my life.  But I fell asleep before one little thought could appear.