Chapter 35

I had only one whiskey sour tonight.  After last night’s drinking fiasco, I figured one drink tonight was more than enough.  But it had been a strong one.

When did I last eat?  Breakfast was sweet rolls and coffee…but no lunch.  I woke up from my nap hearing a text alert announcing a press conference at the Minneapolis Court House.

There had been a horrible drive-by shooting this past Tuesday and a little five year-old boy had been killed.  The police had a suspect in custody and they had called a press conference.

I could not miss this.  Day off or not, hangover or not, I had dragged my body down to the court house.  This one was my story to cover.  But what I did miss was lunch.  And dinner was a piece of cheese.  What a life…the news never stops…

I could hear the clean-up crew in Doyle’s kitchen so I knew I could go out the back door without setting off any alarms.. They all knew me and Hanah.  No one would be surprised to see me.

When you go to the same bar week after week, you pretty much get to know the employees.  And they get to know you.

It’s sad, right?  But since both Hanah and I cover the crime scene in Minneapolis, we feel we have a justifiable reason to consume alcohol on a regular basis and dance our heads off.

Doyle’s had a great house band.  Live music and liquor.  What could be better when you’re twenty-four, single and you love to dance.

Of course, I was always hopeful that I would meet someone.  You know…a really nice guy.  They had to go to bars too, didn’t they?  I was nice.  I was here.

Maybe I was just kidding myself.  Maybe I should start going to church.  Join a book club?  I liked to read…

I looked around the club, waiting to feel normal.

Wow.  This place is really weird when it’s empty.  Where’s the magic now?