Chapter 36

Feeling better, I stood up and shrugged into my coat.  But since I was so hot from crawling all over the floor, I didn’t think I needed to button up.  I could handle 20 below zero for a couple of minutes.

I reached in my pockets for my gloves and remembered I had left them on the front seat of my car when I had put on lipstick before Hanah and I went into Doyle’s.  Damn.

“See you Teddy,” one of the dishwasher boys hollered.  I waved and pushed open the back door.

I walked out thru the parking lot to my car to begin my long trek home.

No eating at the Minnehaha Grill tonight.  No eggs.  No bacon.  And no fun without Hanah.  What a bummer.  Oh, well I was tired anyway.

The lot behind Doyle’s was huge and tonight we had to park way out on the perimeter since we were running late.  Hanah had taken forever to get dressed.  She wanted to make a good impression on the band.

“Amateur Night, Charlie,” she had patiently explained as I tried to hurry her along.  Hanah was so beautiful she could wear a brown sack and look great.

As I walked to my car, I looked down to search around in my purse for my keys when suddenly a strong hand grabbed my wrist from behind and twisted my arm up behind my back.

Another arm came around the other side and a hand clamped over my mouth so tight I couldn’t scream or move.

As I looked up, two more men appeared before me.  One had on a Grinch mask and the other just had on a plain ski mask.   They swayed side to side in an unsteady manner, obviously they had been drinking…a lot.

“You be good now,” said the Grinch.  He was the taller of the two.  They both reeked of alcohol as did the man holding me captive.

“Jus’ let go of that pursh,” he slurred.  “An’ we’ll be on our way.”

I didn’t like the look of the long-bladed knife he had in his right hand.

I quickly let my free hand open and my purse fell with a thud to the ground.  I winced.  It was my brand-new Kate Spade bag.