Chapter 7

I wonder if being a bouncer is a good job for a man with a criminal record?  Maybe Doyle’s doesn’t know.  Maybe they don’t care as long as unruly patrons are hustled quickly and quietly out the door.  The bouncers don’t last very long at Doyle’s though.  That I do know.

Aside from last night,bouncers do not need to keep an “eye” on me. However.  My dear, sweet, friend Hanah is another story.  She is “the typical happy drinker”.  After her 3rd or 4th margarita she becomes everyone’s best friend whether they want a new friend or not.

And that is when a friendly bouncer comes to help since at this point Hanah never listens to me.

But a gorgeous bouncer gently helping her out the door works.  They all knew Hanah and loved her.  Everyone loved the beautiful Hanah.

Me, they liked.  I was the good friend and for the single guys, I had her phone number…even though I never seemed to get the numbers right when they asked.

So on many nights the last thing Hanah heard was “That’s it Karla, time for you to go home.”