Chapter 8

Do not worry.  I have not lost my mind.  You’re probably thinking, “I thought we were talking about Hanah.”  And you are right.  We are.

The names Karla and Hanah refer to the same person.  Also.  I am called “Teddy” when in fact I am actually Charlie.  I will explain.

Hanah and I are both reporters generally assigned to cover crime in  Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.  Once in a great while we get a by-line for extraordinary stories.

In the past couple of years,  both of us have had a couple of sketchy encounters from drunken subscribers to the Journal who were also very angry with our reporting.

So last year, my long-time friend Abby who is quite brilliant and devious came up with the idea of a protective cloak of anonymity for Hanah and me.  It now covered both of our heads.

“Karla” (Hanah) worked in circulation and “Teddy” (Charlie…me) worked in accounting.  Throw on a title of “Assistant Manager” to these jobs and voila…two very boring jobs that did not encourage any further questions other than an occasional complaint to “Karla” about a late delivery.

So if Karla was asked to leave Doyle’s after one or two more margaritas than was prudent, we would glide peacefully and mostly happy out into the night and head to the Minnehaha Grill, our very favorite late night restaurant.  Pancakes and eggs and bacon, oh my!

But no gliding peacefully last night.  Last night was just crap.