Chapter 4

I graduated from the University of Minnesota this past Spring with a degree in English.  Considering that I had no desire to teach, it wasn’t very useful…but people were impressed for some reason…”Wow, an English Major…wow…” and then they could not find anything else to say…but nonetheless I had the damn degree.

I had lost contact with all school friends as we had all gone our separate ways, mostly to different states and of course promising to keep in touch.  We had not.

I had no boyfriend and no prospects.  sigh.

Both parents were dead.  I had one sibling, sister Karlie, who was two years older than me.  She was delightfully married to George and very busy with 1-year old toddler, Annie and a little mutt named Cantor.

I lived in a luxury (read that safe) apartment in a luxury (also read safe) suburb because even though it was very tragic and sad that my parents had both died young…they had left a really sick amount of money to be shared equally between me and sister, Karlie…but not until we BOTH turned 30.

So, in the meantime we had also been given a “nice” sum of money that lawyers doled out to each of us every month…to see us through to the big payoff.

Don’t hate me.