Chapter 17

It would be only a little over three years and then Bobby would be out of the Navy.  It didn’t seem like a very long time at all.

I had become part of the adult world.  I understood time better now.

I had a full-time job.  I bought my own clothes.  I paid for my own car insurance.  Granted…I still lived at home…but it was so cheap.  I did give my parents a few dollars each month for rent.  I was such an adult.

And…I was wonderfully in love with Bobby Flanagan…and he was in love with me.

Of course, I would wait for Bobby…gladly wait for the one…the only one…who could chase away the shadows, banish that lonely feeling that had haunted me for years and make me laugh until I cried.

Of  course, I would wait for the only one who could bring me pure joy with just one look, one touch, one kiss.

Of course, I would wait.

But then I didn’t.