Sorry to bother you…but

img_20191022_2117075358161752101734717411.jpg    img_20191022_2116271982544418412885336719.jpg


This is the blood blister I got this evening when I was not paying attention to where the closing door was in relationship to where my finger was…IT HURT LIKE SOMEONE SHOT MY FINGER OFF!!!…not that I would know that of course…

However the wound pic is not the important one…the band aid pic is.  I put the band aid on my “poor, little ” blister and then 10 minutes ago I took it off…just to look.

That was a mistake.  The band aid was stuck on so good it felt like I was pulling off my skin…but if you look REALLY CLOSE to the right,,,you see white stuff.  THAT is my fingernail polish!!!!  It stripped it right off…clean as a whistle!! Can you beat that?

Well…I had to tell someone.

Have a nice day…