“I just ate less…among other things…”

Something is wrong…

and it’s not the Corona Virus…I don’t think…

Well…I’m pretty sure it’s not…

Okay.  Here’s the deal.  Nowbecause of the virus… when I order groceries online (as I now have to do–because of the virus)…I can’t always get what I want…or NEED.

But…if you are one of those SUPER ‘addictive’ type people as am I…you have to figure out what you can buy to replace something you are SUPER addicted to in case that particular item is UNAVAILABLE!!!!!!!

Okay, Tina…settle down, settle down.

So.  My current addiction is Popsicles.  I have 2 or 3 after dinner (they…by the way…replaced my PREVIOUS addiction of 2 or 3 cigarettes.)  I used to smoke them after dinner but no longer do because of a stroke…but that’s a story for another day….

So I spent literally hours trying to decide on a replacement addiction for my Popsicles in case they would not be available due to the virus.  I came up with a regular Hershey bar…pretty close in all the numbers I consider important.


I figured I could have 1/2 bar every night after dinner and I would not be eating any more calories than the 2 or 3 popsicles that I would normally have.

So…didn’t  that sound like a great plan?  I thought so as well and I had to implement that plan last week when there were NO popsicles to be found at my store.

But guess what?  I am loosing weight…only a couple of ounces so far…BUT STILL…OMG…I could really be on to something here…which is why I am drinking a coke and eating potato chips as I write this…

Really…I am.

Have a nice day…





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