“I just ate less…among other things…” #71


…but it took me so long to figure out the new WordPress ‘block editor’ crap…I forgot why I’m on the edge…

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a nice day…



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  1. From all accounts the repsonse to the Covid Virus is highly variable world wide. We trust you’re safe from its predations. Thank fully our isak\land state affords nice protections


  2. Dang I forgot. Here in Tasmania optical prescriptions are allowed once a year, paid for by Medicare, the Australian Government universal health fund, and spectacles at basic level free, extra charges for more designer frames etc.. In other advanced countries similar schemes are common to maintain good public health.


  3. If I breathe any more deeply…I’ll hyperventilate!! So far…I’ve cut my own hair and just ordered new glasses online with a prescription that’s 14 years old…so we’ll see how THAT goes:) But…thanks for the encouragement…


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