“I just ate less…among other things…” #76


Well…perhaps not a total failure…

But damn close.  I just weighed myself this morning and I weight 141.2 pounds.

I KNOW RIGHT?  This is the result of chocolate cake, candy bar(s), popsicle(s) potato chips and thinking I was too busy to walk…and that was just the first day of my slide into hell.

However…I apparently was not too busy to gain weight:(

This is what happens when you become consumed…with things that you really cannot control.  It doesn’t matter what those things are…the principle is the simple truth.

And, frankly and honestly I am way too far down my journey to “not know better.”  I did know and now I have to face the consequences.

I have always lived by this rule:  For every action there is a consequence.  Not complicated.  Not profound.  Basic common sense.

So.  Let’s keep this short.  NOW WHAT…

Well…I begin again.  Eating less and walking in the rain.

I have and I did.

Have a nice day…

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  1. Aww, don’t beat yourself up to bad – you’re probably still within a healthy weight range right? I get its frustrating though and you wouldn’t want to undo your hard work. I think I have to accept I have to walk in the rain too ☔


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