“I just ate less…among other things…” #83

#140… 😦

You knew that was coming…right?  You knew the #139 wouldn’t last… after Christmas and all that?  Right?  Well…here’s what I am thinking…

It could have been so much worse.  Positivity!!  The key to success…or an excuse to go have a cookie.  Hey.  I’m okay with that….they’re MY cookies…I can do what I want with them…right?  Right!

2 Things: 

#1.  My brilliant daughter completely re-did my website (apparently I really didn’t have one that functioned) AND it is fantastic!!   All organized and beautiful!

She also told me “Don’t Touch Anything!!”...just write.  Lol.  (BTW, Erika, I am not touching anything.)

#2.  I never thought I would sit in front of my television set and say…”I can’t believe that this is happening here.”  Again. Life was already abnormal with Covid-19 and now domestic terrorism.  Unbelievable.

#3.  I know I said “2 things”…but this is really important.  I have one task for today and it is a really important one.

I am going  to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.  There.  I said it.  I relegated it to a phantom #3 position…but nonetheless…I said it.

And I will eat it…

Have a nice day…

I’m just glad I didn’t go to #141 or #142.

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