“I just ate less…among other things…”

This has nothing to do with weight loss...

HOWEVER…I believe this does have a lot to do with joy.

I just came up with a fantastic way to deal with crank calls…NOT…robocalls because they are done by robots who have no brains or souls.

No…you want a real person on the other end of a call that just made you forget how many damn teaspoons of oregano you should put in your homemade spaghetti sauce…which you would have remembered even though you had to walk from your computer which was in the bedroom to the kitchen where the saucepot was waiting…if you had not been side-tracked by a “crank” call from some idiot wanting to sell you car insurance…

(And YES…I do know that these tele-marketing people have to work too…and that sometimes their jobs do not pay very well and the workplace conditions can be wretched…but nonetheless.)

Here is my idea:  PHONE RINGS.  YOU ANSWER.  THEY SAY SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF “HOW ARE YOU TODAY, MRS. SMITH?”  because they are always very polite…which is nice.

And then…BOOM…you say all thoughtful-like… “Well actually, I just started writing my obituary for the local newspaper.”

Is that perfect or what?  What can they do but hang-up, right? (And by doing so, break every tele-marketing rule known to mankind.)

I mean…what are they going to say…”Do you have a couple of minutes? ”  or  ” I’ve noticed that the date has passed on your subscription to “TV Guide”.  Would you like to renew at a ridiculously low price?”  or   “We have some really good packages being offered now in our Book Now, Travel Later plans. ”

I think not…

I should be paid for having ideas like this…

Have a nice day…

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