“I just ate less…among other things…” #91

“Speaking of obituaries…”

…Referencing A PREVIOUS POST…

So I was just sitting on the sofa…being all polite to my husband who was going through movies on Netflix to see if anything caught his eye…

Since I was near, he was sharing his thoughts…hence my politeness.

BYW...the “NUDITY” warning always caught his eye…ALWAYS…

My mind wandered…

I began thinking about my obituary picture…because sitting on my dresser is a really great one where I am sitting on the steps of our deck with my aviator sunglasses on, a cigarette dangling from one hand and I’m all tan since I have been working in the garden for many hours and am happily contemplating ordering Dominos’  sausage, onion and tomato pizza for dinner.  I look very happy and peaceful.  I also look pretty fucking  young…since I was…

Then…I  sadly realized that no one (I know) has THAT kind of money for a picture THAT big .

Plus…it would have to be in color to capture my sweat-enhanced, glowing tan… and so then…slightly discouraged… I thought…I wonder what the first line in my obit  should  be…

“Tina was a really nice person…who was liked by everyone who met her…even though she swore an awful lot.”

THAT should grab their attention…right?

And…NO…I am not thinking about obituaries because I haven’t lost any weight since last week…even though I could if I wanted…which I do not.

Have a nice day…


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