“I just ate less…among other things…” #96

(I was just about to write “PROGRESS” here but then I noticed some cookie crumbs on my keyboard and when I went to blow them off…they didn’t move…so I  instead accidentally hit a key and deleted everything I had written…)


PROGRESS…I walked today for the second day in a row…Minnesota weather is so sketchy…

But…it felt good to be out of the apartment and I was glad I had brought my long, winter scarf (I just noticed another cookie crumb but I am GOING TO IGNORE IT…) so I wrapped that around my neck and I am sure I looked like a complete idiot but I DO NOT CARE.

I still am hitting the scale at 140#…but am temporarily consoling myself* with these homemade…PURE BUTTER BEAUTIES!!

Have a nice day…

*Just found out that with my husband’s many medical conditions…the covid vaccine will be less then 10% effective…so isolation for us will continue UNTIL GOD KNOWS WHEN!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thank goodness you can enjoy some nature outside – I’ve found a renewed appreciation for it since this pandemic. Some people’s behaviour seemingly completely disregarding the current situation can be incredibly concerning – the covid fatigue has definitely set in. Today in England, pub gardens reopened and non-essential shops too – I’m pleased, but at the same time hoping this doesn’t set us back too much. As you say, time will tell. I’ve had so many spillages and random accidents – it makes like more interesting, although its sometimes expensive too. Keep ignoring that crumb. Take care too 🙂


  2. Thanks for the suggestions, kiddo! However he’s a kidney transplant and has rheumatoid arthritis and is a diabetic and takes a drug that above all will not allow the vaccine to be effective…so…there you go. We are fortunate to be living where we can at least get outside to walk and sit…HEAVEN…!!! Our country worries me since we seem unwilling to accept restrictions and many areas are opening up even as cases and hospitalizations rise. Time will tell, I guess. My cookie crumb experience was preceded a few years ago by a Coke spillage…there were not enough words in the English (or any other) language to describe my anguish and anger over that idiotic move. Had to by a new laptop…grrrrrrrr. All is well now…even though there is one little crumb that I refuse to recognize. 🙂 Take care!!!!!


  3. I’m so sorry that the vaccine won’t be as effective for your husband. I wonder if there’s any others that would work better for him, as there are different types that elicit slightly different immune responses. I’m glad you resisted the last keyboard cookie crumb – my keyboard key got stuck on delete before and deleted loads of my work – such a shock watching it all disappear!

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