“I just ate less…among other things…” #101



Did I achieve my  goal that I set on May 2, 2021 of losing 2 pounds in 30  days??????

Was I successful at shedding 32 ounces in 30 days?????

Did I go from 141# to 139# ????  I know but you don’t…not yet anyway.  Here’s what I thought would be fun… 🙂

It’s not too late for an office pool…I know there is always a “post-holiday” gloominess…so go for it.

The “over/under” gambling bit is fun…I’m not sure I completely understand it…but…whatever….

I will check in with you later today with the exciting results!!!  Have fun!!

P.S. Don’t be led by the optimistic tone of this post…I pride myself on waking up cheerful each morning! *

Have a nice day…

* Plus…I haven’t checked in with CNN yet…


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