“I just ate less…among other things…” #102

“Well…I made it!!!!!!”

8 ounces a week for a month–gone!

Oh, please…don’t fall off your chair laughing…  This was an ordeal!!!.  This was terrifically hard.  

For those of you who are beginning a weight loss program of any kind…perhaps one that is designed for you to lose a LOT OF WEIGHT–FAST…losing 8 ounces a week or 2 pounds in a month will seem crazy.  But hey…

You get back to me when you are at the end of your goal and then you will understand what I mean.

It took me 4 long and arduous weeks but I persevered.  

And…there was absolutely no limb removal…I did cut off most of my hair though.  Seriously.  Pixie cuts are cool 🙂

Here is what I did…

I started to (AGAIN) look at my plate and see what was there…REALLY SEE…and then I would remove a little.  I stopped missing meals.  (I am not a big breakfast fan…before I stopped smoking in 2006…my breakfast was coffee and 5-6 cigarettes!)  I know…I know…

But this past month I started eating a half banana for breakfast.  So now I am not starving for lunch!!!  

SHOCKING NEWS  ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I no longer have a whole Hershey candy bar after dinner…every…night. 

Once in a while I will have half…but I am back on the popsicle bandwagon again and…really do love them. 

But…I am not going to say good by to that half Hershey bar…no way.  It can just wait patiently for me in the drawer of the table by my chair.

The weather has been crappy so walking outside has been dicey…but I did it when I could.  Maybe 3 times a week.  That will increase now that it is warmer 🙂

Anyway…I now weigh 139# and have done so since May 16. I may sound a bit gleeful…but honestly..it was so damn hard. 

The one thing that I have always said (preaching to the choir here) is that “time is so important.”  You didn’t gain that extra weight overnight…and you will not lose it overnight.  That is the hard truth.  But you will probably keep it off…barring a pandemic…

A long time ago…when I started this blog…I said, “How bad can it be to gain just one pound a year?” 

You don’t need a calculator to figure that in 25 years you will go from 125 pounds to 150 pounds without even blinking.  So… 

I did not gain those 2 pounds in one month.  It probably took me about 3+ months.  AND…it did take me a year to gain over 10 pounds.

Anyone remember me weighing 130# on March 1, 2020?  Don’t worry if you don’t…I do.

HAH!  Thank you Covid-19…you fucking, bastard virus…

So…are you wondering if I am going to set another weight loss goal? 

So am I…so am I…

Have a nice day…



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  1. Excellent, congratulations on reaching and maintaining your goal weight 😃 I get how hard it is. I haven’t weigh myself for a few weeks. I might find I regret that decision, but I felt I needed a break from worrying about it until I’ve settled into my new work routine. You’ve done great though 😊

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