“I just ate less…among other things…” #108



Okay…maybe…lukewarm stuff.”


Remember when I said I wasn’t going to pay any attention to all those .#s after my weight number on the scale?  Because…well…for whatever dumb reason I may have had at the time?


I have been weighing in at 138.8 for about FOREVER now and this morning I decided to weigh myself one day early…instead of waiting for Sunday…which is my NEW PLAN…(do not even ask…I have so many plans going…)


I weighed 138.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    IKR??????


Explains my insanely, happy dance around the living room at 6:47 a.m.


This is probably not a good time to go into great detail about the new Haagen Daz Soft Dipped ice cream bars that I purchased this week…BUT I will anyway because that is who I am…such a sharing, kind person.

I have already had one…so I AM a complete authority on how FANTASTIC they are at…270 (I know, I know) calories….and…to further wonder how can they keep the chocolate part soft as well as the ice cream part…

Breathe, Tina.

Okay…I’m good now…so…

While I have your attention here…temporarily at least…whatever happened to the clingability of Cling Wrap…which used to just GRAB AND CLING forever?  (I just know there are inquiring minds out  there…just like mine…wanting to know.)

There.  I am now done.

Have a nice day…


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  1. Great news about the weight… and the ice cream discovery. I haven’t been on the scales for ages – I really should check what’s going on there. Jude’s vegan caramel with choc caramel coated ice cream sticks have been my latest love (they taste too good).

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