“I just ate less…among other things…” #109

This is not a good time to be messing around with me, WordPress…


I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I have written…but still…

Whoever said “new is better”…was not entirely correct.  New is sometimes better…

But I digress…possibly to avoid the subject of poundage.  Mine to be exact.

I currently weigh 138.6…which is funny because I have CURRENTLY weighed 138.6 forever.

This process can be so tedious and tiring and yet I know without a shadow of doubt that soon my number will be less and I will be happy.  Happier.

Yes.  I am saying that…even after 18 months of total isolated quarantine…I still find myself to be happy.

Weight reduction is so doable…and so within our control it really is surprising that more people don’t just do it.  You know…like the Nike slogan “Just Do It”.

I mean…really…all you have to do is “put less food into your body” and “move that body” just a little more than before.

I mean it’s like quantum physics, right?  So simple.  So easy.  EVERYONE understands that.  It’s like the cracking the Enigma code…or  using the binary system…right?

I have completely lost my mind…

But…hopefully by next writing…I will have found it and instead have lost some weight..

Have a nice day…

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