“I just ate less…among other things…” #113

Dear World…

It has been a while…and I know that I have said that I was where I wanted to be…

And…that if you know me at all after these couple of years…

You know that I was probably just going off on another one of my insane tangents due to the fact that I (and my severely immunosuppressed husband) have been in isolated quarantine close to 2 years.

Apparently this type of quarantine is now called “sheltering”…which I kind of like…

Anyway.  Here is what I need to tell you.


This alone may save my life…if not my sanity.

I have not made it yet…but I will be doing so this week.  Right now the splendid, colorful picture is enough to soothe my soul.

I also now weigh 140.4 pounds…due to my latest addiction…Haagen-Dazs “Soft Dipped” ice cream bars.  I have one each night along with my husband who desperately needs to gain weight.

I have to support him…don’t I?   And also have one…in total camaraderie?

I knew you would agree.

Have a nice day…

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