Disagree with me?


There is a moment when we as a thinking and responsible society can do something that will change the course of history…change the lives of thousands of people.

That time is now.

We need to implement mandatory prison time for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Henry Ruggs drove his car 165 mph into another car and killed a young woman and her dog as it burst into flames.  Henry Ruggs was very, very drunk. He was drunk to the level twice considered impaired.  He had minor injuries.

There is a number by which it is determined if you are “driving impaired” and the first time a person tests over that number…he or she would be sentenced to a  minimum of 3 months in jail.  Always…because it would be the law.

There would be no trial. No appeal.  No exceptions. It would be the law…the same for everyone.

As the level of impairment rose, so would the time a person would spend in jail.  Did impaired driving cause an accident? More jail time.  With injuries?  Even more jail time.

If there was a death involved, as in the recent Henry Ruggs case…the driver would spend even more  time in jail.

People who drive while impaired would have no rights.

Before they took that first drink…they were sober and were fundamentally able to plan the rest of their life and make decisions.  Then they had rights.

But…they made a bad decision and now they would have to live with the consequences of that decision.  

Do you disagree with me? Hmmmm…..ponder this.

The next time I would test over the legal limit…call me and ask me to pick up you kids from a football game after I’ve been siting in a bar “getting buzzed”…perhaps listening to music or doing a couple of shots with my friends.

Call me after I’ve had a couple of glasses of that new Merlot I just bought…  

Don’t have kids? Do you have a friend, a wife…husband, mother, father ANYONE you love? 

I’ve only had a few beers.  I’ll be glad to pick them up.  

Disagree with me now?

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