“I just ate less…among other things…” #118


it was absolutely all my fault…

Let’s begin…shall we?

No…wait.  First you have to see this photo of me…taken about a trillion or so years ago.


This was me on my brand-new Columbia 20″ bicycle which my dad got for me.  I was 7 years old.  What is so important about this photo?  You innocently ask?

Look at the front of the bike just below the handlebars.  There you will notice a “HEADLIGHT’.  

That is correct.  A headlight on a 20″ bike for a 7-year-old kid.  And it worked perfectly.  There were no fun streamers dangling from the handlebars nor was there a  cute little white basket for me to put my little doll into…OH NO…I had a headlight! 

Apparently my parents (my dad) thought it would be a good idea for his 7-year-old kid to be able to see at night when she was careening around the neighborhood with all of her little friends…who incidentally would actually have been in bed and not careening at all.

Do you know how I learned to ride this little bike? 

My dad (who smoked about 4 packs of Lucky Strikes a day…NOT exaggerating…this is 1950)…grabbed the back of the bike’s seat and started running with me on it and showing me at the same time how to steer! 

After about 20 yards he started coughing (no surprise there) and stopped running.

He also let go of the bike.  “Don’t forget to brake, honey!!!!”

Thank the Lord above that he had actually showed me how to do that.

So I lived.  But in order to understand my “somewhat risky behavior”… it’s important to know how I was raised…by a crazy father (and a brilliant mother who shook her head a lot) who somehow thought I could do anything…even though I was only 7…and I would be just fine.  (“She’ll be fine, Gee.  Don’t worry.) 

Which gets me to about a week ago when I was pushing my husband in his walker after an arduous doctor’s appointment.  (YES I DO KNOW YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT…THE NURSE TOLD ME THAT ABOUT 25 TIMES!!!!!  I mean I was bleeding too!!!)

No excuses…but there were hundreds of people milling around  (okay…maybe 50) and I just wanted to get him in the car and safely home away from all these people who were coughing and sneezing.

WELL…that didn’t happen.  

I was going too fast (really way too fast) and hit the little sidewalk ramp wrong and he fell backward and I fell on top of him.  People actually screamed!

Well, he’s a bleeder since he’s on a blood thinner so I’M used to that but OMG I thought the nurse was going to faint…I mean A NURSE!  (She just happened to be outside taking a break when we had our little accident.

So he’s healing and fine and mostly not bleeding anymore. 

And the good news…well other than the “not bleeding anymore”  good news… is that I now weight 138# because I never seem to eat much these days…

Have a nice day…


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  1. Oh no, that sounds like quite an incident! Hope you’re all recovered now. Love the photo of 7 yo you with your bike – very sensible having the light!


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