“I just ate less…among other things…#119


“Breaking News”!!!!!!

Well, since CNN has decided that after (I’m sure) months of intense deliberation…that using the header BREEAKING NEWS!!!!!…EVERY DAMN DAY…was not exactly correctly describing what their viewers were going to see….every damn day…

…I thought that I would use that eye-catching header to describe my current life.

I did NOT reach my 135# goal for the fourth of July deadline…instead I went from 138# to 140#…

I know.

Do I have a reason (excuse)? 

Of course I do.  Every person on the face of this earth who  has ever tried to lose even one measly pound…has a reason (excuse).  Hang on…I have to go to my ever-expanding list of excuses (reasons) to find the appropriate one…  

Here is my current excuse (reason).   Life just got harder…one of my favorites.

Plus…I have substituted the low calorie popsicle for a bowl of high calorie ice cream (and not a small bowl, either) as my nighttime dessert.

I wish I could say that I felt really bad…except that I don’t.  I just feel mildly irked.  And, I don’t plan to give it up…although as part of my “new and improved weight loss program”) I will endeavor to add one less scoop to my bowl.

After more than two years of sheltering, I think that gaining a couple of pounds is not the worse thing that could be happening to me.  I mean…I could be going crazy…right??  Not yet, world…not yet.

I am now moving into the publishing phase of my writing career and will be looking to find magazines and literary journals to publish my short stories, so I will not be posting a regular item here (not that I have lately) as to how my “new and improved weight loss program” is doing…unless of course it is doing marvelously spectacular.

Have a nice day…

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  1. Wow, that’s amazing you are getting your short stories published – I’m so pleased for you 😃 I need to try to catch up on your previous posts. I’ve not been on WordPress for ages! Maybe, one day soon I’ll post something myself. Hope you’re doing okay, especially with your sheltering.


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