“I just ate less…among other things…” #120

“Did you think I was dead?”

Nope…not yet my friends…

But before I venture too far down that rabbit hole…let me first say I hope that everyone (who celebrates this holiday) had a great Thanksgiving…and to everyone else I hope your Thursday went well…

I…for one…am still very grateful (not that I was not ever NOT very grateful) for everything because that is a medically proven way to live happy and be healthy.

I just made that last part up…but still…

Here is where I am now….weight-wise… #144.

I should stop writing…right?  I am a little disappointed in myself in that I was so close to #130 before Covid hit…so damn close.

But looking back is for historians not me…I am looking forward and plan to return to my pre-Covid “just eat less” way of life…in 3 days.

Currently my husband and I are continuing to shelter since that is the only way he can remain safe from this horrendous disease.

However…after 3 years of  “me” not going anywhere at all except to the hospital and emergency rooms…I am planning to venture out minimally in the Spring of 2023…perhaps a trip to the grocery store where I can choose the beef roast I want to buy…instead of gratefully relying on “Susie” to do so.

You have no idea how thrilling that will be for me…maybe even scary…

If all of this sounds almost insane…well some days…it absolutely is.

Have a good day…

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