“Then and Now…”

A single girl’s journey from Pizzazz to Fizzle…



I was remembering the other day, how it was when I was young, legal and single and still living at home with my parents.

They were my best friends, so I saw absolutely no reason to give my hard-earned money to complete strangers for the privilege of living in some crappy apartment…where I would obviously have to clean, cook and do my own laundry.  I wasn’t an idiot.

Anyway…I remember many, weekend nights I would come home from some trendy bar…after drinking, dancing and smoking cigarettes for hours with my girlfriends.  Don’t judge me…it was the early 60’s–even my doctor smoked…and that was during my yearly check-up!!

As the night would wear on, I always hoped the cute lead singer of the band was smiling at me…I don’t believe that he ever was…but still…

Soon I would be just a little tipsy….okay, okay let’s just say I was intoxicated.  (Drunk is such a harsh word.)  The bar was closing and it was time to leave.

Since it was the weekend, I didn’t have to get up and go to work the next day.  Blessing.

One of my friends (the one who didn’t drink…or drank much less than the rest of us) would drop me off at my home.

I would ever so quietly unlock the door, open it, slip off my shoes and softly meander into my bedroom where I would fall carelessly onto my twin bed.  “Good Night Moon”

Many…most times:  No removal of clothing. No pajamas.  No face washing or teeth brushing.  No pillow fluffing.  Just a silent prayer that the  bed hadn’t been moved during the day, since by now my eyes were closing.

Bedtime ritual for slightly inebriated single girl of the sixties…accomplished!!

Ta Da!!!!  (No drum roll, please.)



Age:  No longer young.

Weekend nights, I actually start thinking about ‘going to bed’ a couple of hours before I actually ‘go to bed’.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  That is so embarrassing.

You know…I had a long (really long) list of nightly chores that I now do every night before I go to bed and then go to sleep.  I was going to share that list with you…so that you too could join me on this fun trip down memory lane…but it was so boring that I decided to scrap that idea.

Suffice it to say…Old age sucks.

THEN was better…MUCH better…

Have a nice day…


“I just ate less…”

“I’m Dancing…”


I knew it was coming…in my little heart…in my “less” little heart…

Have a nice day…

“I just ate less…”

“Hey!  Let’s hear it for ‘Bloodletting’!!!”

Here’s the deal…yesterday I had to go to the lab for…you know…lab work…which involved removing some blood from my precious body.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT…but you ‘gotta do what you gotta do’…so I went…head down…feet dragging…just like any respectable 3-year-old would do.

Then I did a couple of errands and decided to treat myself to 2 White Castle hamburgers…known to aficionados as ‘sliders’…and a small REGULAR coke.

I did a few more errands and was still feeling the need to treat myself…so I went to Dairy Queen and had a small chocolate sundae.  Oh…so good!!!

I was really tired after all those errands…so when I got home I took a nap and then when I got up I did not feel like cooking so I had Domino’s famous pan pizza delivered…yummy!

Two popsicles for dessert…a few crackers at bedtime and I was done eating for the day…all the while completely understanding that perhaps there would be a slight rise…an ounce or two…in my morning weight….right?  Right.

NOT SO…my friend!!!  It was still 130.4!!!  ikr.

I wonder if those 14th century doctors and their “bloodletting” techniques as a cure for…anything & everything…were on to something…HAH!… just kidding…and apparently you can’t…on your own…order up miscellaneous blood draws…who knew?

Okay.  Okay…really just kidding on that.

Have a nice day…