Meet The Author

Hi!  I’m Tina…

…and when I’m not working hard for world peace and personal prosperity…I write flash fiction and  short stories…which I post on this blog.

I also started writing about weight gain/loss… since I realized a couple of years ago that I was increasing…

You see…my cat died.  If you have had a pet who died…I need not say any more.  If you have not had a pet who died…I could never even begin to explain…

For over a year…right after dinner.…I had a whole Hershey bar and a big bowl of buttered and salted popcorn every night.  I also paid no attention to “portions” when it came to desserts or snacking. 

 I decided to lose 25 pounds without doing much…other than eating a little less and walking a little more…

 And…if it hadn’t been for the pandemic…I was so close to reaching my goal!!!

  I have been writing stories since I was about 6.  My first book was “The Adventures of Rex” complete with illustrations of Rex and his puppies. I still have it…red shoe laces carefully hold it together.

 My second story…  written at the mature “old age” of eight…“Murder in the Moonlight” had some snappy dialog…”I didn’t mean to murder her, ma” and “Oh, Johnny, I love you so much.”  

You see my grandma subscribed to True Story and True Confessions magazines and I would devour them when everyone else was out in the kitchen drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. I had a glass of Welch’s unsweetened grape juice…and what I thought were samples of real life.  OMG!!

I am pretty easy going.  I like people.  But.  I’m not big on groups… I don’t like to ‘gather’.  I am also done with commitments. 

I’m not out to change anyone’s mind about anything.   I write mostly to make people smile, laugh or cry.  If you choose to think…that’s up to you.

 I can speak in public and have.  No fear.  I will not ride in elevators unless it is ABSOLUTELY medically necessary. 

I have been known to schedule visits with doctors who have ground floor offices…hey…it’s who I am.  

I thank God every night that Emergency Rooms are ALWAYS on the ground floor!!!!!

A lot of my stories will reflect the fact that I moved 16 times in 24 years*…some for good reasons…okay…it was only that one time was for a good reason.  My parents moved so much because it was “financially imperative”.

Anyway…I hope you come here often to hear what I have to say or share and I have put an email address below in case you want to … you know…comment.  

However…when I am working on a new story…my contact with the “world” is minimal…if not non-existent.

*They never caught us although I think they’re still looking😊

Have a nice day…