“I never saw it coming…”

Way, way back in January…which is when I last posted…I was pretty focused on saving my husband’s life…and not doing a half-bad job of it, I might add.  I was steely-eyed focused…

He was resisting all efforts to “do the right thing” and as we all know (well…those of us who have an IQ of over 50) know…YOU MUST DO WHAT THE DOCTORS TELL YOU TO DO…OR YOU DIE!!!!

So after a long, long time he reluctantly agreed to listen to me and to follow their instructions…etc. etc. and was so was able to have cataract surgery on his right eye.

It all went GREAT…but there was a waiting problem before surgery which infuriated my husband and there was a lot of stress…a LOT OF STRESS.

My TMJ flared up (temporomandibular joint…aka jaw joint) which sent my bite way off the tracks and my lower molar decided to go crazy, abscess and cause my lymph gland to swell to the size of a baseball and began to interfere with me swallowing!!!

Long story short…it wasn’t good.  I had emergency tooth extraction of two teeth and heavy antibiotics and just now…just now I am feeling fine:)  This all began around the 22th of February.

The good news is that I think I have lost weight!!!!

Isn’t that horrible to say after what I have been thru?  But, hey, this is where your mind can go when death is staring you in the eye…and you still have hope you will lose five pounds before July 1, 2022…my new and improved deadline and weight goal of #135

Due to 16 years of dental avoidance…my next move is to get full dentures…yes, that is the only plan because right now I have no molars with which to chew food.  Holy Cow!!!

This all sounds so crazy but it all happened and I am really grateful to my dentist who I just met just over a week ago and my dental surgeon (same time frame) who both  helped me thru this horrific experience.

(Someday I will tell you WHY I was avoiding the dentist for 16 years…it involves a stroke, a massive seizure, a record Code Blue at the local hospital that they still talk about and dental trust shattered…)  But not now…

NOW.  I am pretty sure I weigh about 139/140…I’ll let you know.  My husband weighs 122.  I cannot stand him…

Have a nice day…