“Did you think I was dead?”

Nope…not yet my friends…

But before I venture too far down that rabbit hole…let me first say I hope that everyone (who celebrates this holiday) had a great Thanksgiving…and to everyone else I hope your Thursday went well…

I…for one…am still very grateful (not that I was not ever NOT very grateful) for everything because that is a medically proven way to live happy and be healthy.

I just made that last part up…but still…

Here is where I am now….weight-wise… #144.

I should stop writing…right?  I am a little disappointed in myself in that I was so close to #130 before Covid hit…so damn close.

But looking back is for historians not me…I am looking forward and plan to return to my pre-Covid “just eat less” way of life…in 3 days.

Currently my husband and I are continuing to shelter since that is the only way he can remain safe from this horrendous disease.

However…after 3 years of  “me” not going anywhere at all except to the hospital and emergency rooms…I am planning to venture out minimally in the Spring of 2023…perhaps a trip to the grocery store where I can choose the beef roast I want to buy…instead of gratefully relying on “Susie” to do so.

You have no idea how thrilling that will be for me…maybe even scary…

If all of this sounds almost insane…well some days…it absolutely is.

Have a good day…


“Breaking News”!!!!!!

Well, since CNN has decided that after (I’m sure) months of intense deliberation…that using the header BREEAKING NEWS!!!!!…EVERY DAMN DAY…was not exactly correctly describing what their viewers were going to see….every damn day…

…I thought that I would use that eye-catching header to describe my current life.

I did NOT reach my 135# goal for the fourth of July deadline…instead I went from 138# to 140#…

I know.

Do I have a reason (excuse)? 

Of course I do.  Every person on the face of this earth who  has ever tried to lose even one measly pound…has a reason (excuse).  Hang on…I have to go to my ever-expanding list of excuses (reasons) to find the appropriate one…  

Here is my current excuse (reason).   Life just got harder…one of my favorites.

Plus…I have substituted the low calorie popsicle for a bowl of high calorie ice cream (and not a small bowl, either) as my nighttime dessert.

I wish I could say that I felt really bad…except that I don’t.  I just feel mildly irked.  And, I don’t plan to give it up…although as part of my “new and improved weight loss program”) I will endeavor to add one less scoop to my bowl.

After more than two years of sheltering, I think that gaining a couple of pounds is not the worse thing that could be happening to me.  I mean…I could be going crazy…right??  Not yet, world…not yet.

I am now moving into the publishing phase of my writing career and will be looking to find magazines and literary journals to publish my short stories, so I will not be posting a regular item here (not that I have lately) as to how my “new and improved weight loss program” is doing…unless of course it is doing marvelously spectacular.

Have a nice day…

Giving Up???

“Define ‘giving up’…” ūüôā

I had a period of time last week when I contemplated ending my personal pursuit of weighing less.

I mean…I am (and have been for many weeks) currently at¬†138.8#…having recovered from a temporary surge to 139.4# experienced a couple of weeks ago.¬† I still haven’t figured that one out…

So last week I wondered if perhaps my original end game goal of 125# was unattainable…or even desirable anymore.¬†¬†

And so I sad to myself… “Well, Tina.¬† If you stop trying to reach that goal then you can start eating whatever you want and walking¬† as much or as little as you want and stop all this nonsense.”

AND THEN I SAID TO MYSELF…¬† “Well, Tina…that is exactly how you are living your life right now.”¬† Hmmmmm…

And that stopped me cold.¬† BECAUSE… it occurred to me that I don’t WANT to eat more.¬† I don’t WANT to walk less.

I figure I have reached a spectrum of weight range (I made that up…) whereby (so I could use that word ūüôā ) I will maintain my weight just by living as I do right now.

See what I mean?  I know there are people who would kill to weight 138#. 

I myself thought when I weighed 149# that reaching 138# was a fantastic goal and when I initially reached it I was joyous.¬† But it wasn’t my end game goal.¬† So?

So…for me…(I tried to type elderly woman here and failed…)…someone who is above the age of 70 (I like that phrase much better)…I have to say I am done.

Because I can’t eat any less nor can I walk any more.¬† I believe I have reached a plateau that will not change…and I am okay with that.

And tonight I will have half a donut for dessert…not because I have to share it with my¬† husband BUT because I don’t want to eat a whole donut.

And that is the story.¬† I have…over the past couple of years…changed how I look at food…which actually was my original concept from the beginning…

I will always have a small Dairy Queen chocolate sundae once a week (when I can get there) and 3 White Castle hamburgers and a small regular Coke once a week (when I can get there) and I will never walk 2 miles a day.  

This is who I am now.  And more importantly.  THIS IS WHO I WANT TO BE!!

Have a nice day…



That’s it. *

Have a nice day…

* Except…may I just add…I now I have a really excusable reason…other than the fact that the world is coming to an end…to eat whatever I want while I sit through 16 KAZILLION commercials to see if my crap field goal kicker can kick the ball 32 yards for which he is being paid a KAZILLION dollars to do…and by doing so… therefore secure a victory for my team…ensuring my happiness for several hours…possibly even longer if the opposing team is Dallas.

Now…THAT’S it.

Oh BTW… I STILL WEIGH 138.6 pounds and “Yes.¬† Yes I do expect that to change exponentially in the coming weeks…depending on the win/loss record of my team(s).”

And to be quite honest.¬† Right now…I am not caring a whole hell of a lot.¬† Just saying…


…sometimes…somethings don’t always go

the way you want…but…

As you may recall…I had a weight goal of 139.0# by December 25, 2020.¬† That is 139.0..

A couple of weeks ago…I flirted with 139.2…for a couple of days….then I returned to 140.0…

BUT THEN I hit 139.2 again and stayed…

Picture happy me dancing around my  apartment at 6:58 a.m.!!!

However,¬† the sane, non-dancing part of me knew that Christmas Eve was coming…and I had a killer potato recipe that involved cheese and garlic pepper and I also had a new way to fix ham…AND…

Let us not forget…strawberry cream cheese pie for dessert.¬† (There may have been a veggie or two but I can’t remember…)

Not only did I NOT move from 139.2 to 139.0…I went to 139.6!!!!!!!

SO I HAVE DECIDED…BECAUSE I CAN…TO ELIMINATE THE .#’s…as in no more .2, .4, or .6…you get the idea.

From now on…when I weigh in…I either weigh 138 or I weigh 139 or I weigh 892…again…you get the idea.

I never liked fractions in school anyway…so here’s what all this means…

I MADE MY GOAL!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New New!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day…

“Defining Moments…in MY life…

One Very Cold Winter Day…

It was December 28, 1958. The day dawned dark, dreary and supremely cold.¬† Did the sun even come up?¬† Oh, I guess so…it always does.¬† But in my world it was a a perfect day for watching football…I was just getting hooked on this incredible sport.¬†

(Did I just say hooked?  Oh.  My.)

Christmas?¬† A memory.¬† New Year’s Eve?¬† A¬† maybe plan.¬† A football game?¬† ¬† Why not…pop that corn and curl up.

The New York Giants, America’s Cinderella team, was playing the Baltimore Colts…the NFL championship game to be later crowned as¬† “The Greatest Game Ever Played”.¬†¬†

The Baltimore Colts, artistically guided by the diminutive, Weeb Ewbank¬† and led by the¬† incomparable quarterback, Johnyy Unitas, who threw pass after pass to brilliant wide receiver, Ray Berry…secured a massive upset victory with only mere minutes left in the game… and in the process… led me down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole to years of football addiction….

I have stories…oh…I have stories…

BUT…today the story is simply this:

Eating not one but two Hershey’s candy bars and two popsicles and half of a donut in one afternoon (before a dinner of nachos) and then follow that the next afternoon… with pizza. hamburgers, homemade fries and¬† just a sliver of Neopolitan ice cream plus, of course, customary Hershey’s and popsicle and you have…drumroll please…

141.4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no excuse.¬† Well…”I don’t know how he missed that field goal…AGAIN!!!”

Today…I weigh 140 pounds and am just hoping for the best…and to achieve my Christmas goal of 139:)

Have a nice day…


139.2 POUNDS!!!–WOO HOO!!


BUT NO CIGAR (as they used to say a million years ago)

Okay.¬† Here’s the deal.¬† I am fully confident that I will reach my goal of 139# before my Christmas Day deadline…I have ALWAYS had an abundance of confidence…perhaps occasionally TOO much abundance…if that is possible?…¬† Trust me on this…it is.

But that is a tale for another day…

SO…if I reach my 139# goal…say on December 12th or…December 15th and then it stays for a couple of days…then what?

(I consider weight staying gone for 2-3 days to be the litmus test for success…because…

AS WE ALL KNOW TOO WELL…weight can mysteriously re-appear out of the bluethe very next day…after you have celebrated your loss by doing a rather joyful dance around your living room…NOT NAKED!!!)

SO…back to me…

Do I change my goal to 138 pounds?¬† That seems harsh…right?¬† ¬†I could just set a new goal¬† after Christmas Day…right?¬† Or on¬† New Year’s Eve…right?

Yeah.¬† I like that.¬† I’m not changing my goal weight…but…I’m not going to eat more either or stop weighing myself…because then I would have to change the title of this blog and I’m definitely not going there…

Have a nice day…

I keep hearing these little voices…*

It was 7:29 a.m. and I was just innocently sitting at my kitchen table…minding my own business…just looking out the window¬† and watching the rain fall.

So very, very peaceful…and sane.

But then…I heard this little voice in my head…you know the kind I mean…they usually appear in a bubble over someone’s head in a cartoon…

The voice said, “It would be really, really swell to have a sugar cookie right now.”¬† And the voice was exceptionally enticing.

And…because I always pay attention when I am talking to myself…I answered… “You know…it really would.”

However…I didn’t have any sugar cookies.¬† My cookie jar was empty.

So in order to have a cookie…I would have to bake a cookie…or bake many cookies.

And so then I said…out loud…”Well, I guess I have to bake some cookies.”

So…if you happen to overhear someone talking to themselves…and it’s pretty obvious they are not on a cell phone.

Don’t necessarily assume that they are…you know…wacko.

It’s very possible that they just need a cookie.

*And that is why I still weigh 137.0 

Have a nice day…


There are no excuses…only a new plan…

A million years ago…on a 92 degree summer day…I shoveled 5 yards of black dirt.¬† The dew point was in the upper 60’s.


It was a hot one, my friends…

I¬† worked all day…smoked way too many cigarettes…but I got the job done…

Just like I will get the job done now…

NEW GOAL…….132.0 by August 10, 2020…..

Have a nice day…

P.S.¬† I know you’re wondering…I will do this without giving up my chocolate bar…hey…it was bad enough I had to give up cigarettes 14 years ago…give me a break…


Could someone please tell me…*

How I can spend over an hour of my precious time writing, editing, writing, changing, writing…….and more…..to get one perfect sentence…

And then have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to blithely (as in having not a care in the world) getting up and walking four steps to the cookie jar and grabbing two (NOT ONE…but TWO)¬† chocolate chip cookies and then eating them in like less than 3 minutes?

*Don’t really tell me…I don’t want to know…ignorance can be bliss.¬† ¬†The cookies were homemade…by me:)

Have a nice day…


COVID-19 BENEFIT…perhaps…

Here’s the deal.¬† Today I was taking my daily walk…okay…my almost daily walk.

I had just purchased some really cool looking face masks…HELLO!!!¬† COVID-19 (in case you were wondering)…..

So I decided on the black and white checked one.¬† ¬† I also had to put on my large black (super cool Ray-Ban) sun glasses because it was……….sunny!!

Since I was starting my walk in an area with no people I just had the mask pulled down below my chin…covering the…you know… “jowls” area.

For those youngsters who may not know (yet) what¬† jowls are…well good for you!!!..¬† But please allow me to enlighten you.

They are an area beneath your chin that you will almost assuredly get as you age and will also most assuredly not like hate.

But guess what?  No one could see them!!!   HAH!  (Important only to those who might care about that.)  (I do..on occasion.)

THEN…a couple of people came strolling down the lane towards me…not wearing masks.¬† Just so you know, I consider people who do not wear masks to be terribly unaware.

So…anyway… I flipped mine up and continued walking.¬† I wasn’t sure if I knew them…it is a relatively small apartment complex where I live so…I might have.

However, when I walk I keep my head down when people are approaching…I’m not into the stop & chat bit..so we passed each other and no one said anything.

After they passed…it suddenly occurred to me that most of my face had been¬† covered…I was basically unrecognizable.¬† I could have been anyone…and…any age!!!

So where is all this taking me?  I can now appear to look as young as I feel with no plastic surgery!!!

So there.  Take that corona virus.  I win.

Have a nice day…

P.S.  Still rocking 134.4 and NO, I AMNOT GIVING UP THAT DAMN CHOCOLATE BAR!!! !!!!!!!!!:)


And I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault…


Here’s the deal.¬† How is it humanly possible for me to gain weight by just eating only one lousy candy bar…one…that unfortunately I am totally addicted to…every night after dinner?

I really don’t want to eat one every night after dinner!!!!

I love that damn candy bar…what is it…213 calories?

OH STOP!!!!!!!¬† I HEAR YOU…….

Getting back to “it’s not my fault”…I think that I should do an experiment.¬†

I believe if I got up and only drank black coffee and water ALL day long for a month…I would still gain weight…if I only ate “my precious”* candy bar for dinner.¬† I totally believe that!!¬†¬†

I KNOW I would also probably die…so I won’t be doing that…in case you were wondering…

There are a lot of other things “I totally believe”…but those are tales for another time.

*Did you catch the ‘Lord of the Rings’ reference?¬† heh heh heh…

Have a nice day…



Holding at 133.8…

and…damn happy to be doing so…considering…

Can you believe this mess we’re all in?¬† Sometimes I stop and think…this cannot be real!!

But..it is.

I called my daughter the other day and asked her, “Do you mind not shopping?”…and she said…”NOT AT ALL…I could happily become agoraphobic in a heart beat…”…

AND I…being the completely self-centered person that I am :)…thought…HOLY MACKEREL where did I go wrong?¬† Did I raise her incorrectly?¬† Who doesn’t miss shopping?¬† Is that even normal?¬† Is that even healthy?¬†¬†

And then I answered myself..and said, “Of course, it is.¬† My daughter is absolutely brilliant (I DID raise her right) and is doing exactly what she should be doing…

…considering the situation…which is pretty frightening and horrible…and unknown.

DO YOU want to be that dumb girl who always goes down the basement when she hears a strange noise…even though she knows the power could go out at any moment because it’s storming and it’s¬† thundering and it’s lightning…AND…the light from her flashlight is really dim because the batteries are old (she tested it)…AND…she just heard on the television that there is a homicidal maniac who has just escaped from a nearby prison…and is on the loose…in HER … neighborhood..?

WELL…DO YOU???????

I didn’t think so.¬† Me neither.

Have a nice day…



I realize now that I had forgotten to allow for the “X” Factor” when I was doing my¬† recent “Hershey” candy bar research…you know…the research that almost left me blind???¬† (What kind of scientist am I for heaven’s sake?) …

(Well, Tina…you are the “I Am Not a Scientist” kind).

I don’t know exactly what the hell the “X” Factor” is…I may have been partially blind at that point during my research…however…

It is possible that I am the “X Factor”…which would make sense since I have now discovered (I WORK SO HARD FOR THIS DAMN BLOG!!) that the definition of “X Factor” is:

“Telling yourself what you want to hear (or finding facts…however outrageous on Google…((I LOVE YOU, GOOGLE))!!!!) so you can feel really good right now…but will later come to realize that perhaps those ‘facts’ were wrong and that you are a completely idiotic person and you better now stop doing whatever you are doing to get yourself to this point (where you do not want to be)…like…


*This definition might be slightly flawed…or maybe a little incorrect…or possibly skewered a tad…and…’bat-shit crazy’ will also work here.

Have a nice day…


I have done so much damn research on this I am almost blind…

But.¬† I have double checked the results and I can report beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can eat one whole Hershey’s candy bar (no nuts) every day after dinner and it will be just fine.


Listen to me…I NEED that candy bar…now…more than ever!!

My daughter just informed me over ZOOM that I won’t be seeing her or my 2 AWESOME granddaughters and super son-in-law until…maybe…

NEXT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!  AS IN 2021!!!!!!!!!!

IKR? WTF!!!!!!!!!¬† ūüė¶

Have a nice day…

“I’m still here…”

You know…I saw this damn virus thing coming around the second week of January…

There was this ever so tiny, two inch article…buried deep on page 5 or 6…in my local newspaper that caught my eye…something along the lines of … and I’m PARAPHRASING here…


And then I remembered noted University of Minnesota doctor of diseases…Michael Osterholm saying on PBS about a dozen years ago that “SOME HUGE PANDEMIC IS COMING AND DON’T THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT I AM WRONG BECAUSE I AM NOT!!!!”

I also remember looking over at my husband and saying…”Wow…who is this dope?”

So I was wrong…shoot me.

Anyway…back to ‘I saw this damn virus thing coming’...

There was something in those few words that led me to Google…Wuhan, China.¬† ¬†(God I love Google…so beats the “Guide to Periodical Literature” for fact finding)…

And there I saw an interesting map with red, not so red, and pink circles, showing how many cases of ‘this new virus’ there were today…and…MORE IMPORTANTLY…how many there were.. yesterday…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN…I Googled…:)…Japan…(Don’t know why..) and saw empty shelves on which toilet paper used to be sitting…and that scared the crap (no pun intended) out of me.

So…long story short…I started buying some “extra” toilet paper and enough food to last…for enough time.

BUT…I have not been able to “BE WHO I AM” and so…I have not lost any more¬† weight…AND IN FACT…have gained A POUND!!!!!!!!!!

But…here’s the deal.¬† You know how when you go to prison for doing some really horrible stuff?

And then they’re going to “gas you or electrocute you or inject you (not with disinfectant…I might add…lol) with poison? …you know…to kill you?

Well, they ALSO ¬†let you have your favorite meal the night before…right?

RIGHT???¬† You bet they do…

Have a nice day…


¬† FULL DISCLOSURE…no real bulletin…

STILL 132.2...

However…I feel that in these wretchedly crap times…I must confess to anybody or everybody…that if I wake up one morning in the future….walk out to my kitchen…pull out the scale and weigh myself …which I do RELIGIOUSLY EVERY DAY…

…and discover that I have cracked the 130.0 mark on my scale…I will do one of two things:


I will step off the scale, quietly walk over and open the curtains, pour myself¬† a cup of coffee, step back on the scale and weigh myself again because I will absolutely not believe that the scale¬† is telling me the truth…OR


Ever so carefully put the scale back in the corner and THEN do a silent although wildly effusive HAPPY DANCE all the way down the hall to my bedroom where I will retrieve and subsequently eat one whole Hershey bar for breakfast.

Gee…I wonder what I will do…

Have a nice day…

Well…that was perhaps…

THE dumbest idea I have ever had!


And trust me…I have had some righteously, colossal dumb ideas.

WAIT!¬† HOLD ON!¬† It appears that the dumb idea was so dumb it never made it into this blog.¬† Well.¬† I will correct that…tout suite.


Okay.¬† Here’s the deal¬† Now…because of the virus…when I order groceries online (as I now have to do because of the virus) … I can’t always get what I want…or NEED!

But…if you are one of those SUPER ‘addictive’ type people as am I…you have to figure out what you can buy to replace something you are SUPER addicted to in case that particular item is UNAVAILABLE!!!!!!!

Okay, Tina…settle down, settle down…

So.¬† My current addiction is Popsicles.¬† I have 2 or e after dinner (they…by the way…replaced my PREVIOUS addition of 2 or 3 cigarettes.)¬† I used to smoke them afteer dinner but no longer do because of a stroke…but that’s a story for another day…

So.¬† I spent literally hours trying to decide on a replacement addiction for my Popsicles in case they would not be available due to the virus.¬† I came up with a regular Hershey bar…pretty close in all the numbers I consider important.


I figured I could have 1/2 bar every night after dinner and I would not be eating anymore calories than the 2 or 3 popsicles that I would normally have.

So…didn’t that sound like a great plan?¬† I thought so as well and I had to implement that plan last week when there were NO popsicles to be found at my store.

But guess what?¬† I am losing weight…only a couple of ounces so far…BUT STILL…OMG.¬† I could really be on to something here…which is why I am drinking a coke and eating potato chips as I write this.

Really…I am.


What the holy hell was I thinking?¬† Who can eat only one-half of a Hershey’s candy bar?¬† Who?

Was I completely out of my mind?  YES!  YES I WAS...!!!  I WAS 100% out of my mind.

To think that I could do that and then…wait for it…and then…when I was able to actually secure one box of my beloved popsicles…but have only ONE…because I AM A POPSICLE ADDICT and wanted to make that box of 36 last forever…

…decide to also have one half of a Hershey’s candy bar as well…because…because…I have no sound answer to that question.¬† Next question?

“Did you also have a piece of hot apple pie that you had baked solely for the enjoyment of your husband?

I do not believe I am going to answer that question either.

Have a nice day…



“I had a dream…”

…and it was about BACON…and then…sadly… I woke up.

So…good morning!!!¬† I seldom write in the morning but this is a one-off because my dream was so vivid I had to share immediately…well, of course I had to have some coffee first…

My dream then segwayed into … why aren’t I eating bacon these days … and then my sleepy brain remembered…Ohhhhhhhh…… right….my stomach doesn’t always agree with my depraved desires…sigh…

However…I decided to throw caution to the wind, follow my dreams (lol) and move down that bacon path once again…and wondered (I am still in bed at this point…) if I could freeze bacon (more economical) since I had never done so in the past.¬† It was then I decided to get out of bed.¬† I had been given a mission and I had chosen to accept it.

YES YOU CAN!! And you can freeze bacon either raw or cooked and even though I have not moved into proper clothing I am soon going to do so…and then go to the store to buy,..


Don’t anyone wonder if I have a life…I do…mostly.

Have a nice day…


…and I have only been up for an hour!!!!!!!!!!!…

Okay.¬† The first cookie was just to see if they were still soft and as wonderful as they were yesterday…and the day before…kind of like a ‘scientific experiment’.¬† Right?

THEY WERE!!!! ¬†Okay, let me log that in my scientific journal…not.

The second cookie was…was…I have NO DAMN reason for eating the second cookie.

I have less than 10 months to lose 5 pounds and I am sliding down a slippery slope so fast I am dizzy.

I am completely out of control…using ‘old age’ as an excuse for ‘seizing the day’ (and by that I mean eating more cookies).¬† OMG¬† What’s next?????

Well, let me tell you…

NFL FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Have a nice day…



Hear me out…please…

I am so, so serious about this…I’m not even showing a cute photo…

Even though I PROMISED NOT TO SHARE RECIPES…I am breaking that promise tonight.

And I am doing so because this is the BEST chocolate chip cookie I have ever made…and I AM REALLY, REALLY OLD.

…and the reason they are the best (for me) is that they are soft and buttery and so flavorful…like Sweet Martha’s. (Minnesota State Fair reference which might not be applicable to all people…)¬† Only Better.


Do not waiver from the recipe.¬† DO IT EXACTLY AS THEY SAY.¬† Actually when they said “beat” I used my electric hand mixer and continued right up until the end when it got too hard…but I have a really old mixer…I should get a stand mixer.

I used a really small (golf ball size) cookie scoop–no bigger.¬† Then I put them in the Cuisinart (non-convection) Toaster Oven (370 degrees) because I don’t use my regular oven…(THAT IS A HUGE STORY…but for a later date).¬† I only baked them for 4 minutes.

I removed them immediately from the sheet and transferred to a cooling rack so they would stop baking quicker.

Now…if you want a crispy cookie…I have just wasted your time and I am truly sorry.

Have a nice day…

I will be so mad if I die before I lose 5 MORE pounds…

St. Peter will not be pleased to see me…

Well, perhaps that is a little strong but SERIOUSLY…I realize that last November 2019 when I had failed to reach 125 lbs….which was my original goal from November 2018… losing 5 more pounds before November 2020 seemed like a¬† genuine, doable goal.

AND…don’t get me wrong…it is!!!!¬† I mean…losing 5 pounds in 12 months…pretty easy¬† stuff.

However, if you happen to reside in the +70 age range, the doability of that goal is a bit sketchy…in that I could “kick the bucket” (so to speak) at any moment.¬† I feel fine…thanks for asking.

(COMPUTER…DO NOT SPELL CHECK ME …DOABILITY IS A WORD…I DOUBLE¬† CHECKED…even though not used in most dictionaries…but still).

Every morning I get up and the numbers on the scale vary only an ounce or two up or down…but there doesn’t seem to be a downward trend.

Just a simple request…one tiny, little favor…

…and please understand that I am still very, very grateful that I know what time it is...ALL THE TIME…like now it is 10:09¬† p.m. CST.

Have a nice day…

Merry Christmas!!!

Plus…other appropriate greetings to ALL those to whom Merry Christmas does not apply!!

Well…now that I have all that covered…I can share what’s going on with me…with my weight loss goal of losing 5 pounds before next November 1…that is…November 2010.

Since I was 5 pounds short THIS November 1…I gave myself a new goal.

I have gained one whole pound…NOT LOST…gained.¬† It must have been the “food poisoning/bad deli food/bad…something that caused my body to NOT lose…even though I was not eating a whole lot for about 3 weeks.

Okay.¬† I did consume:¬† Sprite, jello (which we all know is pure sugar in a jiggly form), pretzels, crackers…did I mention Sprite?¬† I believe I am addicted to Sprite now.¬† Oh, sigh.

Anyway…I hope everyone who is trying to lose weight this year (and next) will not be too hard on themselves during the holidays…whatever your holiday may be.

One is okay.¬† Ten is pushing it.¬† Enjoy life for Pete’s sake.

I tripped over a picture frame last week (such a long, boring story) and as I was trying to “catch myself” as one does…I was thinking…really…well this is¬† going to hurt like hell.

It did.¬† But the fear of not being able to get up…moved me to immediately get up.¬† A little blood on the kneecap and SORE body for a few days…was the aftermath of the fall.

So see?¬† Life happens and if…unlike me…you hit your head and die…you are going to be SO SORRY that you didn’t have that one piece of homemade fudge.¬† Really.

Have a nice day…

I have no clue…

Well…I’m still at 130.4…even though I had a stomach bug and didn’t eat for a day and a half…there was NO loss.


And…like any normal person…when I could eat I ate a lot.¬† Sorry.¬† Sad Truth.

NOT crap.¬† Good food…mostly…

Also… just in casual passing…I have a teensy, weensy secret to share.

Yes…there are 2.¬† And yes…it does appear that they are kind of hidden in my bureau drawer…because…they are.

I don’t know what came over me!!!!

It was like I was possessed!!¬† It’s really the fault of the woman who was ahead of me in line at the grocery store.¬† She was moving forward and then she stopped to reach back and grab a Hershey bar.

Well.  What could I do?

Have a nice day…

P.S.¬† Don’t tell.

NEW WEIGHT:¬† 130.4…don’t holler at me!!!!!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…visualize the statue of “The Thinker”.

I think…when I notified my brain that I had another year to lose the 5 pounds I was not able to lose this past year and thereby reach my goal…my body slowed down.

My brain was probably thinking something like…”Hey, cool! What’s the hurry?…no worries, I have ALL YEAR.”

I also pondered this:¬† “If I continue eating and doing everything the same as I am doing right now…will I eventually weigh 100 pounds!!!¬†…before I die, that is…?”

Pondering is always a bad idea…I think my body went into ‘survival’ mode…thinking…”Yeah, whatever floats your boat, honey.¬† Now I’m hanging on to whatever you’ve got…”

Have a nice day…


…Because I KNOW that my weight is the the MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life…right?


Okay, maybe not.¬† I can see that.¬† I’ll be brief.¬† After one solid week of not weighing myself in honor of HALLOWEEN*, today I ran…well not really ran…at my age running is not¬† something I will ever do again.¬† So I more or less sauntered sleepily out to the scale area (kitchen) and…weighed myself.

TA DA!!!!!129.4…No CHANGE!!!!!

  • which in my world meant I could eat one tiny candy bar every other day for 7 days…which I did!!!¬† I also made sure I walked those days and had one less popsicle half after dinner…but hey…CHOCOLATE!!!!

Have a nice day…

“I see you…”

“I’m not blind, you know.”

“Don’t think for one moment that I don’t see you…sitting there…all propped up and cute-like in your little silver and brown wrapper…tempting me…enticing me…

“You may not be aware…but there is a little dust on you…just a little…but it’s there.

“And I know what you’re thinking…’Just reach over and rip off my wrapper…break off one little piece of me at a time, let it melt ever so slowly on your tongue…'”

“NO!!!!!!!!” SAY I…

“I am not weak!!!!!¬† I am strong!!!!!¬†¬† ¬†I am kind of strong…I am kind of a little strong…”

And I get up, turn out the desk light…turn the desk light back on… because the room was completely dark and I couldn’t see shit…walk over to another lamp and turn that one on and¬† then return to turn off the desk light again even though it was highlighting all your goodness and glory and wonderfulness…OH FOR FUCK’S¬† SAKE!!!

Have a nice day…



AND…I have not yet reached my goal weight of 125 pounds….which I set last October.¬† I HAVE lost 18 pounds, 4 ounces…which is great!!!!!…but still…

Let’s just round numbers off and say I currently weigh 129¬† and thus (:)) need to lose 4 more pounds to be successful…

Well.¬† I do not anticipate that happening…although miracles do happen.¬† HAH!!

So.  Here is my new plan.  Today is October 20, 2019 and my new goal (in life) is to lose 4 pounds by November 2020.

Good plan, huh?  I thought so too.

I don’t know what it is…sometimes these fantastic¬† ideas just come to me like a lightning bolt shot out of the sky.¬† Oh.¬† My.

Have a nice day…

24 DAYS…

but who’s counting.

Me.¬† I have less than a month to go and my goal of 125 by Nov. 1 looms.¬† I like that word.¬† LOOMS.¬† Current weight:¬† 129.4 and apparently holding forever…

Let’s go back 56 years…yes…I am 20 years old…sigh.¬† That was a splendid year…if only I could tell more people.¬† ¬†You know….there are things and events you can just never share…sweet memories and such…

But I digress.  Summer 1963.  I was 20 and I weighed 99 pounds.

And because of my extraordinary skills (okay, no one else would do it), I was the catcher for a fast pitch softball team.¬† Read 70 mph…yup.

It was a hot July night in old Bloomington, Minnesota and we were playing a really tough, championship team from the mean streets of Minneapolis.

I was taking a few warm-ups from my pitcher who…incidentally…had a smoking¬† fast ball that would drop a little just before the plate.¬† Have I set the picture?

Let continue…I flipped up my catcher’s mask (I thought I was so cool) to quickly take a drag off my ‘lit’ Marlboro cigarette…which was conveniently nestled in the sand right next to me…hey…this was 55 years ago.¬† Don’t judge me.

I looked down to pick up the Marlboro and just as I looked up to take a drag…my obviously non-aware pitcher threw a sizzling, fast ball, hitting my unprotected face, sending me backwards about a foot…no really…a whole 12 inches.

Not only did the lit cigarette cause a burn on my cheek, I couldn’t chew real food for about 3 weeks.¬† I wasn’t wired shut…it was just too painful to do anything but drink fluids or very mushy foods.

There is no moral to this telling…just background to the fact that…I lost 5 pounds in less than a month.

Anyone looking for a 75 year old catcher?

Have a nice day…

Still rocking 129.4…!!!

and I had a thought today…

Let’s just say I was walking down the street and someone (a man) would come up to me and say, “Hey, good looking…what’s your favorite season of the year?”

Okay…the whole “hey, good looking” thing probably wouldn’t happen…but the question of favorite season just might…so…I’ll continue…

“Hey, good looking…: (You didn’t think I was going to let that go, did you?)…tell me your favorite season.”

AND…I would say…

“Well, thank you for asking, kind sir.¬† As you are aware…I live in Minnesota.¬† It is September 15 and I was just told the weather forecast for tomorrow has a “heat alert watch” wrapped around it…I almost threw up.”

“I just watched my Vikings football team¬† lose to Green Bay today.¬† ¬†I don’t want to think about having heat stroke in the middle of September!”

“I want to think of crisp mornings, chilly nights and brisk walks…wearing the new clothes I have recently purchased because I have lost so much weight!!! AND…I don’t want to sweat anymore. ”

Answer to the question:¬† It isn’t summer.

Have a nice day…

NO “bleeping” CHANGE

STILL 130.4

I could have said NO fucking CHANGE…but I thought I would refrain from bold, blue¬† obscenities.

Here’s the deal:¬† IF I HAVE TO START JOGGING AT AGE 75…THE WORLD IS GOING TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!¬† And I am not even kidding.

OK?¬† Just saying.¬† I am warning you world.¬† I don’t like the concept of jogging.¬† I have NEVER liked the concept of jogging.¬† ¬†I probably don’t even know HOW to jog…is it like running?¬† Only slower?¬† See…don’t know, care less.

Today is September 9, 2019 and my goal is to weigh 125 pounds by … what did I say????… end of October???¬† Okay.¬† It was November 1.¬† Grrrrrr…….

Tomorrow I walk A LITTLE MORE…That’s the best I can do…right now.

Have a nice day…

P.S.¬† I am basically a calm, happy person…


I honestly feel like Dorian…spinning in place…IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!!!!!¬† And the stupid scale does not change one little bit…very depressing.

So….to lift my spirits…I decided to ‘again’ use the tried and true cure for simple depression that my mother taught me decades ago when she said…

“Let’s color your hair platinum, Tina!!”

And I did.

Have a nice day…¬† ¬† ¬† ūüôā

****129.8**** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So…here’s the deal.¬† I cut my hair.

I figured “how hard could it be?”

I figured “just a little snip here…and…there…”

It’s the only explanation I can offer…since yesterday I took a hour and a half nap, did not walk because the dew point was…like 150…and I had an extra half popsicle because it was Monday.

Truth in Telling:¬† My avatar is slightly exaggerated…

Have a nice day…

“Hey! “

“Let’s hear it for ‘Bloodletting’!!!”

Here’s the deal…yesterday I had to go to the lab for…you know…lab work…which involved removing some blood from my precious body.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT…but you ‘gotta do what you gotta do’…so I went…head down…feet dragging…just like any respectable 3-year-old would do.

Then I did a couple of errands and decided to treat myself to 2 White Castle hamburgers…known to aficionados as ‘sliders’…and a small REGULAR coke.

I did a few more errands and was still feeling the need to treat myself…so I went to Dairy Queen and had a small chocolate sundae.¬† Oh…so good!!!

I was really tired after all those errands…so when I got home I took a nap and then when I got up I did not feel like cooking so I had Domino’s famous pan pizza delivered…yummy!

Two popsicles for dessert…a few crackers at bedtime and I was done eating for the day…all the while completely understanding that perhaps there would be a slight rise…an ounce or two…in my morning weight….right?¬† Right.

NOT SO…my friend!!!¬† It was still 130.4!!!¬† ikr.

I wonder if those 14th century doctors and their “bloodletting” techniques as a cure for…anything & everything…were on to something…HAH!… just kidding…and apparently you can’t…on your own…order up miscellaneous blood draws…who knew?

Okay.¬† Okay…really just kidding on that.

Have a nice day…


No Change.

HOWEVER…every time I jump on the scale…I see the 130.8 & and then it settles on 131.0.¬† I cut 3″ off my hair yesterday so I was REALLYHOPEFULLY…expecting good news!!!!¬† Oh well…there’s always tomorrow…of course, until there isn’t!¬† HAH!!!

Have a nice day…

¬† ¬† ¬†Sigh…..

Bad news.  Good news.

Bad News:¬† It wasn’t the batteries…I still weigh (and apparently very correctly) 131.6.

Good News: I now have some spare batteries and…really…who couldn’t use some spare batteries, right?

Have a nice day…


1.¬† ¬† ¬†Apparently…I have pissed off someone in the Universe who has some kind of control over me…

2.¬† ¬† ¬†BECAUSE…I am still at 131.6…even though…

3.¬† ¬† ¬†As the “starting to REALLY annoy me” title of this “I just ate less…” post states…I AM EATING LESS, DAMMIT!!!! and there is no change…zip…zero…nada…nothing.


4.     It has to be the batteries in the scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I better have new batteries, dammit.  TTYS.

Have a nice day…


I guess it pays to not eat at all for 2 days…JUST KIDDING!!!!!¬†¬†Last night, I had the best homemade roast beef with au jus…aka fat…on top and mashed potatoes¬† with brown gravy for dinner.¬† Also asparagus slathered (love that word) in butter and one half can of 3.2 beer.¬† Three half¬†popsicles for dessert and 4 buttery crackers as my bedtime snack.¬† And yes…I did have lunch.

And no…I didn’t exercise yesterday…I had to go shopping:) …. To buy a pair of jeans…one size smaller!!!!!!!!!¬† YAY!!!!

Patience pays…

Have a nice day…

132.2 and holding…

I could swear the scale flirted with 130.8 this morning…

So I ran up and down the halls for 10 minutes to see if I could get the number down…yeah…right.¬† THAT’S never going to happen…:)

Have a nice day…

I TOLD YOU SO…132.8 pounds!!!!

Actually that was yesterday… (and today) but I bought a new laptop and they were transferring data…yada, yada, yada …So I was unable to connect with the world…BUT…there it is…on the downward trend again.

Have a nice day  week-end!

W.   T.   F.   ???

133.6 POUNDS!!!!

Shocking trip to the scale this morning…and I couldn’t figure it out…

…until I realized that for the past 2 days I have been shopping for a new computer…

And…that’s it, folks.¬† That’s all she wrote…

Stress…it affects every single thing we do…right?¬† Right!

So,,,now I’m going to go out and run 2 miles…HAH!!!¬† In my dreams…

Have a nice day…


Just a Message…

So…another day of … 132.8…¬† That’s the deal with this process…days will go by and the weight stays the same…but I feel that soon I will be moving down again.

I know that 130 pounds is out there…calling to me like distant Sirens…hopefully not to a watery doom…¬† I’ll keep you informed.

Have a nice day…

Here we go…the “bottom line…”

  • Buy a scale that shows not just pounds but ounces as well…as in 125.2 or 125.6.¬† Mine cost about $35.00…Amazon, of course.
  • This process is a very slow BUT steady one…and you will be thrilled when your weight shifts from .8 to .4…trust me on this…thrilled.
  • In the seven and a half months that I have been doing this, my weight has only increased a couple of times and that was only an ounce or two…not pounds.¬† 99.9% of the time my weight has either decreased or stayed the same.
  • There have been days when I would weigh myself and it would be the same as it had been for the last 7 or 8 days…and then BOOM…down it would go…and stay there…until it went down again.
  • Don’t think for one second that this is not working.¬† If your weight stays the same…just wait…don’t get nutso and eat a whole blueberry pie heated in the microwave and topped with vanilla bean ice cream out of frustration.¬† (I think I’m hungry…)
  • Weigh yourself everyday at the same time.¬† I recommend in the morning right after you get up…go to the bathroom first.
  • And…then record your weight.¬† Do this every day.¬† You can also write down anything different or unusual…anything that might help you to understand what you are eating and what you are doing and why you have lost 6 more ounces.
  • I always do a little “happy dance” when the scale goes down…every single time.
  • This will take a long time.¬† BUT every pound/ounce you lose will be gone forever.
  • After I had lost 4 pounds, I took a four pound bag of sugar and put it on the counter.¬† Then I picked it up a few times.¬† It was heavy!¬† That was the weight I was no longer carrying.¬† I did the same thing when I had lost 8 pounds…do you know how heavy two 4 pound bags of sugar are?¬† HEAVY!!!
  • I didn’t do 3 bags of sugar (or 12 pounds).¬† That was too much for me to pick up.¬† Exactly.
  • Remember…it took you a long time to gain those unwanted pounds…it will take a long time to lose them…especially if you are an “oldie” like me.
  • BE PATIENT!!!¬† Don’t give up…it will take your body a few days to adjust to your new changes…but it will adjust and you will start to lose weight.

¬† ¬† The¬† little more …

Last fall when I weighed 147.8 pounds, I knew I would reach 150 pounds during the winter if I didn’t do something.

I read weight-loss articles, did research on the different programs, ate some horrible diet food, seriously wondered about those diet pills and other junk out there that promised “QUICK WEIGHT LOSS” and knew I would have to figure out something on my own.

So what you have just read is what I came up with…and obviously, I am not done…I still have a way to go.¬† I should weight 125 pounds by November 1…this year.¬† I will let you know.

BUT…I feel that this is really a good plan for women over 60…but, of course, for anyone as well.

Most of us have worked really hard all of our lives and we shouldn’t have to go through this whole “weight gain/belly fat” bullshit.

We shouldn’t have to deny ourselves good food…or hot dogs…

(When I say “good” I don’t mean “healthy”…I mean…a cheeseburger with fried onions from Five Guys…and a small order of fries, please…to go…

We shouldn’t have to pay money to have other people tell us what to do at some club or weight-loss clinic…and maybe make us feel bad.

We shouldn’t have to start “running” or do “resistance training” or do “hot Yoga” (what is that anyway?) at age 60 or older…unless of course you’re partial to doing so…

In Minnesota, we have about 3 days when the weather is perfect for walking outside…so I have to gear up in the winter.¬† I know I look like some 14th century Swedish field worker when I walk outside and the temperature is only 10 degrees…but hey…it’s who I am.¬† Plus…everyone smiles at me.¬† I know…I know.

When the weather is really awful…too hot, too cold, too icy, too rainy, too sleety…I just slap on my headphones and walk the hallways of my apartment building…up and down…up and down.¬† This is really relaxing until people try to stop you to chat.¬† Then I smile and point to my headphones and mouth, “I’m on the phone…” and just keep going…works every time.

If you live in Minnesota and own a home with no hallways…I recommend buying a treadmill.¬† I had one when we owned a home and you can accomplish the same results as I do by walking the halls.¬† There are some really inexpensive ones out there…I know…I bought one for my daughter who was into “training for something” when she was fifteen.

We shouldn’t have to be punished because we ate a few too many cheese burgers or doughnuts a few years ago.¬† there should be a friendlier, more gentle way to lose those extra pounds and I believe my way will do the trick for most women…well, for everyone, really.

I have always loved food.¬† I love to cook and I love to eat.¬† I know that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life (such as it is) passing on delicacies such as chocolate cake with fudge frosting or…say…lutefisk, swimming in butter…I did mention I was of Swedish ancestry, didn’t I?

I hope you give my way of losing a few pounds a shot.¬† I truly believe it will work.¬† It did for me and I am nothing special…trust me.

Thanks for reading.¬† Now go have half of a chocolate chip cookie…and begin.

And, good luck!!

It really is amazing how quickly you can amass over 5,000 steps in a single day…which is my goal…not always achieved…but nevertheless…my goal.

  • As I have said, I am 75 and recently bought one of those walkers with all the bells and whistles.¬† I use this when I go walking distances or if I am going to walk for more than 30 minutes or if I am going to walk to the grocery store.¬†¬†
  • I especially like the seat feature in that I can always find shade in the summer and warm sun in the winter.¬† The little basket is a great place to put small purchases and toss in water, a sandwich your cell, etc.
  • I always walk down to the lobby to get the mail and packages.
  • I sometimes just walk down to the lobby…for no reason…not even the reason that “it is good for me”.¬† Hmmm…I think there’s a story there…
  • When I shop at a large grocery store, I always take a cart even if I am not buying a lot of items because I feel more comfortable…and then I can also walk down a couple of extra aisles…browsing as I go.
  • I always park a small distance away from the store entrance when I am out shopping.¬† Those few extra steps really make a difference.
  • I am not trying to impress anyone with my walking…distance matters nothing to me other than the simple calculation of how far I have walked on a particular day.¬† I never talk about my walking…or ‘not walking’ for that matter.
  • We live on the ground floor and I always walk up the stairs from our parking spot in the underground garage after I have been out.
  • If I have a couple of light bags, I will carry them up with me.¬† Skinny husband will bring up the heavier bags with a grocery cart and use the elevator.
  • I take naps 2 or 3 times a week.¬† I have lunch in bed, read my¬† book and then sleep for an hour or so.¬† Pure pleasure.
  • I never do Yoga nor will I.¬† Too old…no matter what they say…75 is 75.¬† Walking is the best.¬† I did Tai Chi for a year a long time ago…but that was enough.
  • I got a Fitbit for my husband but I use it mostly and I average about 5,000 steps a day.¬† I have done 11,000 on some days and I have also done 700.¬† It’s no big deal.¬† It’s like a watch that does a little bit more…there for my convenience to see what’s up.
  • I DO NO FORMAL EXERCISING!¬† Don’t even ask if I swim…
  • But I am very active and I can feel it if I have sat too long…maybe pouring over the morning newspaper…and it feels crummy.¬† That old adage, “Use it or lose it” really does apply to us oldies…and to everyone…actually.

Nike says, “Just do it.”¬† I say…”Just move it…”¬† It’s the best thing anyone can do at any age.

A note before I begin: 

¬†I’ve been poking around “weight-loss” and “dieting” blogs and I found out that a lot of people suggest that “just eating less” won’t do it…you have to do a lot of other stuff to lose weight…plus you are going to be hungry and not feel satisfied.¬† Here is what I say:¬† Do you want to lose weight or not?¬† Okay, I’m done.

  • I love to cook, so I wasn’t going to stop cooking my fantastic food¬†and buy crap¬† “diet food”.¬† So…I just put a little less of everything on my plate…every single night…except when I made pizza…or we had pizza delivered.¬† For every rule there should be one exception and this is the one I’m making.¬† I think this equals god mental health…I think.¬† I also think I really love pizza.
  • I love sugar with my coffee…so I just put a little less in my cup.
  • When my beloved furry friend, LuLu the Cat, died in 2015…I started to have a whole Hershey bar…every night after dinner for dessert.¬† I stopped doing that.
  • I have 1/2 to 1 whole can of 3.2 beer with my dinner every night.¬† (NOT Lite.)
  • I stopped making popcorn with butter every night.¬† Now I have it once a week. At first it was really hard but then I discovered popsicles!¬† I have 2 (halves) after dinner every night.
  • I really look at my plate when I am putting food on it.¬† I mean…really look at it.¬† I now know exactly when I should stop ladling the gravy over my mashed potatoes…about 2 ladles does it.
  • If we are eating a food that has pieces…like French toast for example…skinny husband will get 10 little squares…and I will get 6…plus butter, of course and maple syrup.
  • I still bake cookies and cakes and buy all sorts of delicious baked goods because my husband weighs 122 pounds…yes, that is exactly right…
  • Occasionally, if I want…I will take a bite out of whatever I am giving him…and then get a popsicle out of the freezer.
  • Christmas was hard this past year.¬† But instead of eating 3 or 4 warm cookies right out of the oven…I had a half of a cookie.¬† I had lost almost 3 pounds by then and I didn’t want to screw up…I knew I was on to something.
  • I kept thinking of that children’s book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.”¬† I felt like, “If You Give Tina Half Of A Cookie…she’ll be happy!”¬† And I was.
  • I still go to Dairy Queen once a week and get a small chocolate sundae.
  • I try to get to White Castle once a week where I order 2 sliders and a small REGULAR Coke…or McDonalds for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich and a small REGULAR Coke.
  • That Coke is the only pop/soda I drink all week.
  • I have never drank diet pop/soda…I tasted it once…
  • I cook with butter.¬† I cook with whole milk.¬† I love meat…red, lovely meat.¬† AND I LOVE GRAVY…as previously mentioned.¬† I like chicken too…in case you wondered…with barbecue sauce or gravy, of course.
  • I never¬†eat anything labeled “lite” “diet” “fat-free” or my favorite…”tastes awful but it only has 3 calories”…kidding on the last one.
  • I love potatoes in any form.
  • I seldom eat breakfast.¬† I just have coffee with sugar, no cream
  • But…I almost always have a good lunch.¬† Sandwiches made with ONE slice of white bread…tuna, chicken, ham, egg salad or peanut butter. I always use Mayo.¬† I love Mayo…full strength…not lite.¬† There is always cheese on my lunch plate because I love cheese.¬† Grapes and strawberries are also there.¬† And then I add 3 crackers.¬† My current favorites are Breton Originals…and Better Cheddars.
  • If I do feel like breakfast, I will have a small can of tomato juice or an egg fried in butter.
  • We do not eat out a lot but when we do…I just leave food on my plate if the portion is too large.
  • IMPORTANT!¬† Do not go to bed hungry!¬† Every night I read before I go to sleep so I have 3 or 4 crackers and 5 potato chips…and 3 LUDEN’S¬† cough drops.
  • Odd little observation:¬† Before I began this bedtime snack ritual, I used to have a little acid reflux.¬† It was really bothersome.¬† But now I never have it…go figure.
  • I NEVER deny myself anything because with this plan…I don’t have to.¬† Except excess…I deny myself excess…that’s fair to say.
  • I eat everything and anything…I just eat less.

So…that’s the “eating” part of my weight-loss process.

I know it is pretty simple but it really worked and obviously is still working since I just lost more weight yesterday!

P.S.¬† I am never hungry (except before dinner and, really, who isn’t) and I am so very satisfied…

The “Walk A Little Every Day” part¬† comes tomorrow.

¬†BULLETIN:¬† Weight today #133.6..”Woo-hoo”!!!

  • The metabolic rate is much slower when you pass 55 or 60…even slower in your 70’s.
  • After menopause, God is basically done with you and you will gain 5 pounds just by looking at a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.¬† No.¬† Don’t argue with me.¬† It’s true.
  • If you smoke (like I did) the pounds will appear after you quit, but it’s still worth quitting.
  • Retirement means less structured work.¬† You have more time now for socializing…more opportunities for eating out…perhaps even having extra glasses of wine…or chocolate malts.
  • Living the good, retired life; sleeping late and lovely naps in the afternoon…all can equal weight gain…but so slowly…you hardy notice…until you do!
  • If you should move from a house to an apartment…there is generally less work to do.¬† And that means less routine burning of calories just by maintaining a certain “house-owning” lifestyle…like gardening, mowing, snow, leaf and twig removal…you know the drill if you have ever owned a house.
  • Question:¬† Do you really want to pay money to stop eating the foods you love and eat special food that tastes like crap?¬† Really?
  • Question:¬† Do you really want to help the U.S.¬†¬†$68.2¬† (update)…$70.3¬† (NEW update…) $72¬†BILLION¬† weight-loss market increase their net worth?¬† Really?
  • Question:¬† Do you really want to take some probably unsafe/useless, non-FDA approved drug so you can lose 50 pounds in one week? (I’m exaggerating a little here..)¬† Really?
  • Do you really want to exercise a LOT and even sweat?¬† Do you really want to lift weights…and…you know…sweat?¬† Do you really want to pull on those resistance bands until one day you accidentally let go of one end and it snaps your eye out?¬† Really?
  • Do you want to pay good money (is there bad money??) to a fitness center to have some weight-loss/fitness expert who is probably 12…just kidding…give you a look…when you tell her you gained a pound or eaten half of a doughnut¬† that morning?¬† Really?

Yup…I totally agree and am impressed with everything I just said…SO, HERE IS WHAT I DID.

To find out, send $25.00 in unmarked bills to…

HAH!!!! GOTCHA!!!¬† I’m just kidding….

The Eating Part…Post #4 of “I just ate less…” comes tomorrow!!!!!