And…you ALL know what I mean…right?

Here’s the deal:   Exiting an automated (my first mistake) parking ramp yesterday afternoon after taking my husband in for an MRI.

1,  Doing so at ‘quitting’ time for all hospital employees…(second mistake).

2,  There are “2” exit lines…one for EMPLOYEE CONTRACT PARKING and the other for us regular people…using cash or a credit card.

3,   ONE of those lines is not working…but NO ONE KNOWS WHICH ONE until they are at the “pay” booth.

4.   Lines get longer…lots of waiting…people upset…etc. etc.

5…BUT people allow the CONTRACT PARKING PEOPLE into the regular line…takes time but people are kind and decent…now…

6.   THEN it’s my turn and this 8″ solid, metal bar is preventing me (and EVERYONE ELSE)  from driving through without paying…IMPORTANT!!!!  REMEMBER THIS!!!!

7.   I am having some difficulty putting in the receipt…and PEOPLE START TO HONK AT ME!!!!!!  Not just one honk.  Many honks.  Many, many honks

8.   Do these people with an apparent IQ of less than 12 actually believe that honking their horn at me will ACTUALLY help me to figure out what to do?  OR do they perhaps  believe the vibration of their NOW LOUD horns will magically make the “8” solid, metal bar rise…without me paying?


10.  Obviously I made it through and one would think that I would weight less today… because…well…because yesterday I had a crummy day.

11.  But there is no justice on the “weight loss court” scale.  I had not lost once fucking ounce.  But at least I didn’t gain anything…in spite of the fact that I had McDonald’s for dinner last night…so HAH all you stupid horn-honking people.  I win.

P.S.  The ‘bunny avatar’ is completely unaware of how life works…but who cares…she has lots of chocolate.

Have a nice day…