I am…on behalf of myself…as a citizen of this world…so very sorry that our president is Donald John Trump.

I will vote next fall for a man or woman of high moral character.  I will choose a person who is compassionate, intelligent, understanding, honest and fair.

There are snapshot moments in time that historians often look back on…to define a particularly bad or good period in history.

I hope that we are not having a snapshot moment right now…one that signifies a time when people looking back will say or think “Oh…so that’s when it all started…” and are then filled with sadness or regret.

Vote love not hate.  Vote compassion not cruelty.  Vote equality not injustice.  Vote for the truth not for lies.  Vote for intelligence not stupidity.  Vote for an open mind and a kind  heart not for closed doors and  judgement.

Tell others…

Have a nice day…