Riot Headline Book Riot’s 2024 Read Harder Challenge

First Edition co-founder Jeff O'Neal explores the wide bookish world. Interviews, lists, rankings, retrospectives, recommendations, and much more, featuring people who know and love books.

How to Bring Back a Book

Joshua Bodwell of Godine & Black Sparrow Press talks to Jeff about a book they both love, The Orchard by Adele Crockett Robertson, and the process of reissuing it as part of Godine's Nonpareil series.

The It Books of the Year

Jeff and Rebecca sit down to determine the It Books of the Year. From 24 finalists, they will whittle down to twelve. The last cut is the deepest.

THE SISTERHOOD with Prof. Courtney Thorsson

In this episode, I talk to Prof. Courtney Thorsson about her new book, The Sisterhood: How a Network of Black Women Writers Changed American Culture.

The It Books of November

It's the last big month for new releases, so Jeff O'Neal and Rebecca Schinsky saddle up for one more It Book Knockout Round for 2023.

The Making of the Modern Publishing Industry

Jeff talks to Prof. Dan Sinykin about his new book, Big Fiction: How Conglomeration Changed Book Publishing and American Literature.

October 2023 “It Book” Knockout Round

It's time for the October "It Book" Knockout Round! Plus, a special mini-roundup of notable celebrity memoirs coming out this fall.

How the Publishing Phenomenon of the Year Was Made

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is the first book out from the new imprint Red Tower, and Molly Majumder and Stacy Abrams talk to me about how it came to be, what it was like to be a part of the book's amazing success, and what they've learned.

September 2023 It Book Knockout & The History of Women’s Words

Rebecca Schinsky helps me decide on the "it" book of the month. Then, Professor Jenni Nuttall discusses her new book, Mother Tongue: The Surprising History of Women's Words.

Modern Indie Bookselling with Josh Cook

On the occasion of his new book, The Art of Libromancy: Selling Books and Reading Books in the 21st Century, Josh Cook of Porter Square books joins Jeff for a conversation about modern indie bookselling.

How to Make an Anthology & Reading Shakespeare in the Context of Race

In this episode, Jenn Northington and Sharifah Williams share what it is like to make an anthology, and Professor Karim Farah-Cooper talks about reading Shakespeare through in the context of race.